Review: The Magic of Menopause

As you can imagine I read a lot of books, magazines and websites that deal with nutrition, womens health  and menopause.

Lorraine Miano (TheMagicOfMenopause.com) contacted me a while back to tell me about her book and asked if I would write a review.

I want to do more reviews on this blog so I thought “why not?”

I only blog about products I have personally tested and endorse.

I felt like Lorraine’s book had been written for me when I was going through the menopause.

One of the reasons I connected to her book is because I love Lorraine’s positivity, humour and frankness as it reminds me how I write 🙂

“I soon realised that, as a menopausal women living in the twenty-first century, I still had thirty percent of my life ahead of me. That is a damn long time! That is an extremely long time to ave to deal with the effects that menopause may wreak in our bodies and in our lives. I want to live my life to the absolute fullest! I don’t want to ave to deal with any symptoms that may keep me from doing just that.”

I particularly enjoyed Lorraine’s story telling which I think is missing in many of the books on menopause. Many other books have been fact heavy and feel dry ‘excuse the pun!’ which makes them hard going when your menopause brain can’t concentrate.

Stories have been used for thousands of years as a way to pass on information and us human beings are drawn to it. As well as the stories Lorraine has included case studies which again helps the reader connect to the book. Women going through the menopause often feel confused and alone. When reading this book you feel relieved that you’re not the only one feeling like you are losing your mind.

Lorraine covers the main menopause topics like; stress/anxiety, hot flushes/flashes, hysterectomy, sleep and sex. A really good topic covered is the sandwich generation issue which isn’t really talked about.

I found the book easy to read and I love the ‘workbook’ feel to it where I had space to write and answer questions. There’s something rebellious about writing in a book lol!

There are lots of tips and facts scattered throughout the book which is great but I felt maybe it could have been a little better organised. I would have liked to seen how my day could look using some of the suggestions.

What didn’t I like?

I LOVE the book however I really don’t ‘get’ the ‘Fairy Godmother’ of menopause concept and the image used on the book. I didn’t connect with the hourglass silhouette at all. For me menopause is more about moving into my wise (crone!) years and not being a princess. But maybe I’m a little oestrogen depleted and sensitive about my menopause belly ha ha

I highly recommend Lorraines book 🙂 I would recommend it to my clients as Lorraines views and methods match my own. It’s user friendly and i feel a women going through the turbulent times of menopause would find it educational, practical and do-able.

Well done Lorraine and you’ve certainly given me a kick up the butt to write my book too.


You can get the book on amazon





The A-Z of menopause

The A-Z of menopause


Attitude – Having the right attitude towards this stage in life will help you get through it!

It is a big change …think of it as a positive stage in your life and try and keep your sense of humour 😉

Blood Sugar – Keep it balanced to help keep your mood balanced, reduce menopause symptoms, increase energy levels and reduce belly fat. If you have energy crashes in the afternoon this is a sign that your blood glucose levels may be ‘out of whack’. If this is you; eat regularly, avoid skipping meals, reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates, exercise regularly and keep hydrated.

Bone Density – Women lose 20% bone density going through menopause and 2% every year after that regardless of health/fitness levels.

Keep those bones strong to prevent osteoporosis. Get plenty of sunlight to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D (you could get your levels checked by your GP). Eat green leafy veggies, pumpkin seeds, and almonds to get adequate magnesium. Vitamin K is important in bone health so eat green leafy veggies, fermented foods, cabbage and broccoli. Get moving and include weight bearing exercises (walking, running, resistance training, dancing etc.). Calcium doesn’t just come from dairy try other sources including dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, tofu, almonds, black beans, and blackstrap molasses. (see osteoporosis below)

Carbohydrates – Get them mostly from vegetables and unrefined wholefoods. Avoid simple starch foods like bread, cakes, biscuits, crisps and many processed carbs. As we age we become less tolerant of ‘carbs’; they will increase our waistlines and deplete our energy.

Digestion – This can become sluggish as we get older so take a probiotic (or eat fermented foods), use digestive enzymes, keep hydrated and eat plenty of vegetables to keep everything moving. The first stage of digestion starts in your mouth so slow down your eating and chew well…..really well J

Exercise – Mix it up. Cardio, resistance, flexibility, sport, dance, stretch, wiggle, giggle, fast, slow…..just get moving! Not only will exercise lift your mood it will help balance your hormones, promote sleep, protect your heart health and help with weight issues. Resistance training will give you the fastest results for fat loss when we are menopausal. It will help increase muscle mass, build bone density,  increases your metabolism and can change your body shape.

Flush – Hot! One of the most common symptoms of menopause. Some suffer more than others. Eating a healthier diet which contains a rainbow of plant based goodness, protein sources and water will help.  Many women have found that reducing stress by practicing deep breathing, yoga and other relaxation methods reduce/eliminate their flushes. Know your triggers….caffeine, alcohol and sugar are common ones.

Growth – Hair! It seems the hair on our head thins out and feels drier and then we find bizarre hairs start to sprout in strange places. This is due to the imbalances in our hormones. Following all the tips so far will help keep your hair in great condition. A particular useful vitamin is Vitamin B5 – D-pantothenic acid – you find this in avocado, beans, eggs, green veggie, lentils, liver, mushrooms, sweet potato.

Hormones! Where do they go? What happens to them? During peri-menopause (the years before your last period) your hormone levels start to fluctuate and the ratio of estrogen:progesterone:testosterone change causing menopause symptoms. Making lifestyle tweaks (relaxation, exercise, nutrition, laughter, life-laundry…) will all help to balance your hormones.

Inflammation is a natural reaction to injury or infection. The problem comes when we have too much inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by poor lifestyle choices (poor nutrition, smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, lack of exercise), infection, trauma, injury. This can lead to a number of disorders including; carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, and the list can go on….

As well as anti-inflammatory lifestyle changes here are some ways to reduce inflammation; Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C (use a buffered form that is easier for the body to use), curcumin found in turmeric

Joints – Joint pain and stiffness is another common symptom. Omega 3 essential fatty acids (called essential as our bodies cannot produce them itself so we must eat them). They are found in oily fish, walnuts, hemp, free range/organic egg yolk, flax seed/oil, sea vegetables/algae, and grass fed meat. Also keep hydrated and keep moving; simple daily stretches can be hugely rewarding. (also see inflammation tips above)

Note: Ideally the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 should ideally be between 4:1 and 2:1. In a typical western diet this ratio is usually much higher as we tend to over consume omega 6 ‘pro-inflammatory’ containing foods (vegetable oils used in cooking and processed foods).

Knowledge – Do your homework, talk to specialists, see your GP, research, talk to friends and find something that works for you. It may take time to discover your unique formula so breathe, roll with it, enjoy the self-discovery process and be patient.

Liver – Your liver uses a lot of the body’s energy as it is working hard to make the toxins we take in safe for the body. These can come from the environment and from the food we eat and the drinks we consume. The extra burden of of processed foods, alcohol, sugar, chemicals from beauty products and the environment will cause it to have to work harder. Liver support is vital during the menopause transition.

Eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables daily (especially cruciferous vegetables; broccoli, cabbage, kale, watercress) keep hydrated to flush the body and keep everything moving.
Add essential fatty acids, daily movement/exercise, dry skin brushing to get the  lymph moving,  ensure you are eating plenty of fibre to make sure the bowels can eliminate toxins and hormones. Excess estrogen that is not eliminated through the bowels can be reabsorbed which can cause hormonal imbalances and menopause symptoms. Bitter foods stimulate the liver. Milk thistle is a classic herb that supports the liver.

Reduce the load on your liver by eliminating or reducing caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods and environmental chemicals found in cosmetics, cleaning products and plastics.

emory – Sorry what was I saying? Memory loss and forgetfulness are frustratingly common symptoms of menopause. Research has shown that exercise and ‘brain games’ have shown to help improve memory. Also following the nutrition advice in this article will help your brain function.

Night Sweats – Another well-known symptom that can cause women to feel close to the edge. The constant interrupted sleep can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. Some women find the herbs black cohosh and sage can help with night sweats. Alcohol, sugar and caffeine are common night sweat triggers. Sleep in a cool, well ventilated room using natural bedding and night wear.

Osteoporosis – This needs an article by itself. Reduce fizzy drinks as the body uses your calcium stores to buffer the acidity, low stomach acid can mean you don’t absorb nutrients needed to grow bone density (antacids and PPI’s for indigestion reduce stomach acid), reduce caffeine as it can make you excrete calcium, get some sun and take supplements over the winter to ensure adequate vitamin D, reduce chronic stress to reduce your stress hormone levels, use your bones…..exercise signals to your body that we need them and will make them stronger. (see bones)

Phytoestrogens – These are plant based foods that have an oestrogen like effect on the body. Include legumes, flaxseeds, organic soybeans, nuts, wholegrains, apples, celery, parsley and sprouted seeds in your diet.

Relationships – If your moods are erratic this may have an effect on your relationships. This could be partner, children, parents or co-workers. Maybe you could have an honest talk to these people about what is going on.  It’s important to be heard and feel listened to.

Sex – Low libido is common in menopause but doesn’t affect all women. A mixture of out of balance hormones, feeling stressed out, tired, poor body image and lack of confidence all play a part. If you have an understanding partner explain what you are feeling and go back to basics of enjoying cuddles and kisses to keep the intimacy.
Use it or lose it…..sex, fore-play, genital massage and self-love are important as it keeps blood flow to the tissues of the genitals. An orgasm not only delivers a powerful dose of the ‘feel good hormones’ it also keeps your vulva and vagina lubricated, plump and healthy…… Remember a women’s libido starts in her mind so use your imagination as foreplay 😉 Don’t give up…. Many women find their libido comes back once they are post menopause. (see V for vagina)
Thyroid and menopause symptoms are similar (weight gain, low mood, lack of energy). It may be worth getting a full thyroid test carried out by your GP.

Understanding – Listen to your body and be gentle with yourself. Menopause symptoms are a way of your body telling you that it needs attention. Treat yourself with the kindness, patience and compassion you would treat a child. Menopause is the perfect time to put boundaries in place and  to say “me first’ and ‘no’.

Vagina – Another taboo subject! It’s rare for us to hear anyone discussing what happens ‘down there’. The menopause can cause changes to all your mucous membranes including your eyes, nose, digestive system and your vulva and vagina.
Dryness, soreness, irritability, thrush and thinning of the vaginal walls (atrophy) can be helped. Your doctor can prescribe Vagifem which contain small amounts of estrogen that can be inserted into the vagina. Use a natural lubricant of which there are many on the market. Some women find Sea buckthorn (Omega 7) supplements help.

Weight gain is a very common complaint. It is possible to lose weight but be prepared to be patient as what worked for you in your 30’s may not work for you now.

Following the tips in this article will all contribute to weight loss.
Remove processed foods, eat a rainbow of vegetables, keep hydrated, get moving and do everything you can to get your body back in balance.

Xenoestrogens – are a type of ‘xeno-hormone’ that imitates estrogen, this sounds good but they block ‘real’ estrogens from working. Synthetic xenoestrogens are widely used industrial compounds like plastic and other materials (over 80,000 different chemicals are used in manufacturing, consumer products and agriculture). To reduce your exposure eat organically where you can, don’t use plastic to store food and drinks, use organic cosmetics/make-up and use eco cleaning products.

Yoga – Bring out your inner zen. Yoga is a fantastic restorative exercise that brings calm and well-being. It can keep you supple, flexible and strong J There are many types of yoga, each bring different qualities so find a style you enjoy. If yoga isn’t your thing try other restorative type classes.

Z – zzzz Sleep….your body needs to build, regenerate and restore so get lots of sleep. The irony is that a very common menopause symptom is broken sleep. Only drink caffeine in the mornings (or stop it completely), use lavender on your pillow, try relaxing teas in the evening, try valerian supplement an hour before bed, ensure you are having enough magnesium in your diet (or supplement) and try guided relaxation before sleeping. If you suffer disturbed sleep, try and cat nap and/or rest when you can. The lower level of progesterone is often a common cause of insomnia in menopause. Using a natural progesterone cream helps some women and could be used as a temporary ‘fix’ while you allow the above methods to work..

Always get professional advice when taking herbal or nutritional supplements.


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Dear menopause body ………

Dear menopause body ………

Dear Me,

Hey body……WTF!! Please tell me the jokes over…..I mean whats going on? I can’t keep up with you just now. Hot then shivery. Happy, manic then depressed and suicidal. I feel I have no control over you any more…..It’s scary, daunting and hopeless….

I feel exhausted, invisible and completely dis-connected to who i used to be but maybe I just can’t remember who I used to be because of my shocking memory. Oh the irony that what I do remember is that I once had a libido, zest for life, mojo and a waist! Ha flipping ha!

Let’s not even talk about the hair situation! I’m surprised I’m not bald with the amount of hair that comes out in the shower, my bikini line is heading down towards my knees and what’s with the thick, black chin hairs! *cue witchy cackle*

My muffin top has turned into a blancmange, my oestrogen depleted boobs resemble naan breads and my skin is dry EVERYWHERE. Oh yes while we’re here let’s talk about my once juicy mucous membranes (vagina, anus, eyes, nose and digestive system) now feel like the Sahara desert. Even if I felt so much as a spark of desire it involves so much effort to get warmed up that ….CBA (can’t be arsed).

I only have to look at food and it seems to stick to my ass by osmosis. The time in my life when i need every bit energy so I can exercise and look after myself Mother Funking Nature has decided to drain every last bit  from me …….please tell me this is all weird nightmare. I would cry but I’m too exhausted.

Don’t you think I’ve got enough to deal with without the pressure of showing the signs of ageing! Society just does not let me age damn it! I would welcome laughter lines if you hadn’t removed my sense of humour. Add to that the media pressure of looking like my fifteen year old daughter with her smooth, tight skin and curves I just feel like giving up.

Now I know why NOBODY TELLS YOU  about menopause when you’re younger…..PUBERTY is a blast compared to hormonal surges that mid life brings.

When will this all be over? Will I ever feel ‘normal’ again?

love Me x


Dear Me,

Hey, it’s your body speaking. I’m sorry to hear you’re not experiencing this exciting new phase as I intended it. I’ve been giving you clues for years that you need to look after yourself more. All those years of putting yourself towards the bottom of the list are catching up. PMS, feeling knackered and ‘soldiering on’ through it all without a care for me is taking it’s toll. (and let’s face it you did abuse me in your 20’s and 30’s with all that Pinot Grigio ha ha)

Give up the fight sister……let go and surrender 🙂

Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Those horrible symptoms are my way of telling you that I need some TLC. I need some attention….I beg you to treat me differently now as I have different needs, wants and desires.

The menopause marks the end of your fertile years but not the end of your life. I’m hoping we have many more summers together so let’s work together on this one. This transition needs a team effort. you and me babe!

Please take the time to listen to what I need, forget what you’ve been told as every women is different. You know what I need, yes you really do 🙂

Use this uncertain time to slow down, reflect and be still. You can’t hear me unless you do. I don’t need to push harder, work longer, binge watch Netflix and any more gruelling, punishing regimes. Give me a break! Treat me with the care and attention you would give me if I was six years old. Love, compassion and patience will make me purr.

Let go of wanting ‘the old you back’…..what about creating the new you that can emerge from the other side this hormonal funk?

It is possible to feel happy, healthy and confident no matter how you look or the size of your knickers! Really it is 🙂

I am your friend not your enemy so let’s work together.

I love you

Your Body xx

If you feel you need a little help or advice then add your details to the form below and you can jump on a free telephone call with Tanith. This call will give you a little clarity and direction so that you can move towards feeling happier, healthier and hormonally balanced.   









BMS – British Menopause Society survey results

BMS – British Menopause Society survey results

Today the British Menopause Society released the results of a survey it conducted revealing that three quarters of women say that the menopause caused them to change their lives and over half say it had a negative impact, highlighting the greater support needed for women experiencing the menopause in the UK.

Alongside almost half of women surveyed experiencing symptoms such as hot flushes (46%), night sweats (37%) and low levels of energy (37%), the survey also highlighted that women experienced other less talked about symptoms including increased urinary frequency or urgency (33%), sleeping problems/insomnia (33%), joint aches (32%) and vaginal dryness (24%). Despite these symptoms, a third of the women who were experiencing or who have experienced the menopause, hadn’t tried anything to reduce or prevent their symptoms.

In addition:

  • Over half (51%) of women also said that the menopause had affected their sex lives.
  • Furthermore, over a third (34%) said that they were less active since experiencing the menopause and a further third (32%) said they no longer felt like good company.
  • To note, almost half (45%) of women, felt their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work.

My dear Sisters, Those results aren’t much of a surprise right? If you’re reading this then I assume you are experiencing some symptoms of the hormonal flux? Reading these results urge me forward to continue my mission to helping women not only ‘manage’ their symptoms but feel happier, healthier and full of self confidence than they ever have before.

“Despite the average female life expectancy in the UK being 83 years, and many women living in the post-menopausal phase for half to one-third of their lives, the findings of the survey suggest that there are still many women who are choosing to go through the menopause without seeking support or treatment even when they are experiencing symptoms that are affecting all aspects of their lives, including their relationships.” Kathy Abernethy, Chairman, British Menopause Society

If I could give you one thing it would be HOPE at this tricky phase of life. The menopause transition doesn’t last for ever (even though it can feel like it does). It’s a phase which takes us (sometimes kicking and screaming) from one phase of our life to another.

Sisters……don’t give up on yourselves…..there is so much YOU can do to help yourself. Small tweaks to diet and lifestyle, maybe a supplement thats right for you……a complimentary therapy……a support group…..see a professional….make yourself a priority……HRT…….the menopause is YOUR time to change…..go inwards and seek your wise woman….give her what she needs….love, belonging, kindness……..

Please love yourself and your body as it goes through this change. Your body is not the enemy……..the symptoms are a way of her talking to you…….telling you she needs your attention…..slow down….listen…..treat her as you would your daughter/friend/mother

I’m sending you all LOVE and HUGS xxx   


If you feel you need a little help or advice then add your details to the form below and you can jump on a free telephone call with Tanith. This call will give you a little clarity and direction so that you can move towards feeling happier, healthier and hormonally balanced.   




★Your Wisdom – Create your unique ‘menopause manifesto’ in 7 days★

★Your Wisdom – Create your unique ‘menopause manifesto’ in 7 days★

★ Your Wisdom★

∞ create your menopause manifesto ∞

Create your personalised ‘blue print’ for your menopause transition

We get bombarded with information, so much so that we feel confused and don’t know where to start.

Every women on our planet is uniquely different. There is no one on earth like YOU – wow right?

YET we still expect to be able to follow a plan, book, system and get the results we want. Sometimes this works but mostly it doesn’t’

We wonder ‘what’s wrong with me?’, ‘why didn’t it work’ and feel discouraged.

There is nothing wrong with you…..you just haven’t discovered what it is you uniquely need 🙂

One of the wonders of menopause is our developing women’s wisdom. This isn’t something you can learn from a book. This comes from age and experience.

Life will feel so much easier when you understand what it is that you (not your friend, mother or sister) NEED.

Welcome to Your Wisdom – Create your menopause manifesto in 7 days.
You will walk away from our time spent together having created your own unique ‘menopause manifesto’. This is your own blueprint to take you forward through the menopause transition.
You will understand what you need to support yourself as you navigate the choppy waters of menopause.
 Not only will you learn what happens to you and your body when it transitions through the menopause you will create who you want to be the other side.

 You will understand how Mother Nature is working with you not against you. Learn to listen to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your menopause symptoms – yes really 😉

 The workshop is built around the three C’s; clarity, courage and connection.

☆ Clarity ☆
Here you will take an honest look at where you are. You will identify any problems, beliefs, struggles or challenges you have.
☆ Courage ☆
Now you have identified your problems you will discover your solutions and begin to put together your menopause manifesto.
☆ Connection ☆

Learn how to reconnect to yourself; especially your body and the menopause. Find connection to other women going through the same phase.

You only have one life, one body, one menopause so embrace the rollercoaster of life and hold on for the ride.

 You will:

❤︎ Create your own unique ‘menopause manifesto’ which will be your blueprint to feeling happier, healthier and more confident.

❤︎ Understand how to work with your body so you have more energy, sleep better and have more balanced moods.

❤︎ Understand why you have menopause symptoms and what you can do today to reduce/eliminate them.

❤︎ In the small, intimate group you will be able to ask me any questions which I will personally reply to each one so that you can move faster towards feeling better


If you are one of the first three to sign up you will receive a free telephone/skype consultation with me to discuss any issues you have.

A 1-2-1 consultation is the fastest way to get exactly the right advice for what you need.

☛ The 7 day dive begins on Monday 2nd October BUT we will be getting to know each other and getting familiar with the plan from Monday 25th September.

☛ The doors close for signing up midnight on Sunday 24th September.

☛ The cost for the 7 (14) days is £9.99

☛ The plan will run from a Facebook group as it’s the simplest way for a group to interact online. (one of my clients who doesn’t use Facebook created a fake, secure, private FB profile to use only with the groups I run)

Click this button below to pay and access the group


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