They called me FAT!

So in the space of 24 hours two professionals suggested that i lose weight 🙁

I’ve got a mild prolapse and the extra weight is adding pressure to my pelvic floor.


It is thought that one in two women have some sort of prolapse. It’s much more common post menopause because of the changing hormones. (if you think this may be you please don’t waste time getting it looked into)

My womens health physio suggested that i lose the visceral fat I’ve got around my belly and my internal organs…..

Then my GP asked me how much weight i’ve put on since my early menopause….

They didn’t call me fat but that’s how my brain interpreted it lol

i put on around 2 stone four years ago and I ‘had’ found some peace with my curvier shape.

What with that and my ongoing digestive issues which cause pain and bloating that resembles being five months pregnant I was feeling a little dejected 🙁

So last week I embarked on playing with a new eating plan mainly to focus on my digestion which i was hoping would address the extra weight.

I duly logged my foods and symptoms.

Looked at new recipes.

Joined the Facebook group.

Became a little obsessed.

……and then wanted to eat ALL THE FOOD……my cravings returned….my old ‘disordered food’ obsessions were triggered and I was in full on DIET MODE.

ARGH!!! Noooooooo.

I felt deprived, miserable and a failure as I was eating foods not on the plan.

So yesterday I paused, stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.

What was really going on? What was the deeper story here? Why did I really want to lose weight?

I am worried about what people think of me 🙁 Oh hello my old friend self-obsession 😉

I wasn’t loving and accepting who I am and how I look.

I have two events coming up that I have perceived as a threat as I have told myself I should look a certain way. One event is in-front of a new audience as the ‘menopause fitness expert’ and the other I’m in-front of my peers.

My brain freaked out and went into full on fight, flight or freeze mode.


My body has been pumping me full of cortisol in response to the perceived threat (the events).

And the ironic thing is one of the ‘negative’ results of high levels of cortisol are belly fat!! Exactly the type of fat that we post menopause ladies hang onto. (there are other reasons too but more about that next week).

So me stressing to lose weight is actually making my body hang on to or even gain more belly fat!

Ha! The reason it does this is so if we need the extra energy its easily accessible. Aren’t our bodies amazing??

Yesterday I stepped away from the ‘diet’ and am refocusing on relaxation and fun!

I’m having two days off to chill out and regroup 🙂 I’m actually going to be in Windsor in a lovely hotel with my husband.

Time to disconnect from the b*llshit and reconnect with myself, my body and my husband.

Lots of love
Tanith x

My top tip for an easier menopause

Good Morning 🙂

For the last 30 days I committed to ME, to do what I need to do to feel GREAT and enjoy my short time (not too short i hope!) on this planet of ours.

I’m nearly 45 and have decided I want to feel happy, fit and healthy as I head towards the second stage of my life.I want to have a thriving, successful business and earn money so i can have freedom. To do that I need to tweak my days.

30 days ago I started with four easy things to add into my life:

1. 15 minutes meditation

2. 30 Minute walk

3. watch/listen to something funny

4. drink a green smoothie/juice/soup

I committed to myself and to make it work I added in flexibility so I am always winning. I had to work through the resistance and excuses. Looking back over the last 30 days makes me really proud of myself. Doing what I said I would do is FANTASTIC for your self-esteem 🙂

In fact it’s given me so much of BOOST that I have tackled tasks that I have been putting off for ages.

To make sure that I continue with my new rituals and so I can add in a few more I have being doing this one simple thing……

==> Getting up earlier<==

Now the mornings are lighter it’s much easier to wake earlier so I ave been slowly winding back my wake up time. My aim is to get back to 5.30am.

Having that uninterrupted hour to myself has been a game changer for my mood and productivity.

It’s MY TIME. I get up. I meditate. I stretch or do a short workout. I prepare a decent breakfast. I do some written self development work.

Then I start my day with the rest of the family in an awesome mood.

I know it’s not rocket science lol and many of you are probably doing it but I want to share my success and hope it may be of use to you.

So if you ‘never have enough time’ to do the things you need to do to help your menopause transition, then maybe it’s time to make time?

Have a great week

Mrs Menopause

What is a hot flush/night sweat and what can you do about it?

What is a hot flush/night sweat and what can you do about it?

What is a hot flush?

One of the most common symptoms of the peri-menopause is night sweats and hot flushes.

“a sudden feeling of feverish heat, typically as a symptom of the menopause”


The Hypo what?

Although the root cause is not clear, research shows that they are to do with the hypothalamus which amongst other things regulates your body temperature.

During the menopause, oestrogen levels slowly drop. Although not fully understood, scientists think that this drop in oestrogen causes a hiccup in the way the hypothalamus senses body temperature, making it think that you are too hot.

This causes a response designed to cool down the body (your body is amazing and clever!) . More blood rishes to the skin (one of the causes of hot flushes and reddening of the skin) and sweat glands start working (the menopausal sweat).

Adrenal Glands

Another thing that can cause the dreaded night sweats (i remember them well!) is adrenal fatigue. Simply put this is when the adrenal glands have been worked to the point of exhaustion by prolonged chronic stress, illness or acute stress. In the worst case scenario the adrenals barely function. this = burnout 🙁

It’s also important to look after your adrenals glands as they continue to produce progesterone post menopause. During your fertile years your ovaries are the main source of oestrogen and progesterone. When your menstrual cycle ends the ovaries stop producing these hormones. Your adrenal glands continue to secrete a small amount of progesterone. However your adrenal glands prioritise your survival hormones (often called your flight, fight or freeze hormones) over producing your sex hormones . It’s mother nature looking after you. If you are under constant pressure/stress then the chances are you will be producing less progesterone.

“During adrenal fatigue your adrenal glands function, but not well enough to maintain optimal homeostasis because their output of regulatory hormones has been diminished – usually by over-stimulation. Over-stimulation of your adrenals can be caused either by a very intense single stress, or by chronic or repeated stresses that have a cumulative effect.” http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/

One of the key pillars in my menopause plan is to look at lifestyle, particulary stress. I also talk about it in more detail in the free hot flush help guide. When going through the peri menopause the body is hyper sensitive to stress due the the reduced estrogen and progesterone. This is also one of the causes of the shape change some women experience; hour glass to apple.

Get The FREE Hot Flush Help Guide – Click Here >>>

Food Triggers

Many women find that certain foods can trigger a hot flush/nights sweats.

Avoid stimulants which are notorious for setting off hot flushes; things like coffee, alcohol, chocolate and spicy foods.  

An over use of convenient foods, processed food and sugars can all put an extra load on the body’s organs so reducing/eliminating these can make a huge improvement to your symptoms. Lay your health foundations by eating whole food diet that contains lots of leafy green vegetables and you will build a more robust system. It may sound basic but I know many clients that have reduced menopause symptoms just by changing their diet.

Is it your thyroid?

Many menopause and hypo/hyperthyroid symptoms are similar and it can be confusing to know which is which. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism can cause the body not regulate it’s temperature whether it’s too hot or too cold. This can be a cause of the hot flushes/night sweats and feeling cold and shivery.  Problems with the thyroid can come to light at the same age as women are going through the peri-menopause. So how do you know which is which? The first thing to do would be to see your Doctor and ask them to test you. Once you know which it is or maybe it’s both then you can make a plan of action.


10 Tips that may help reduce hot flushes

  1. Stress management – investigate the many stress reduction methods like; deep breathing, relaxation, walking, meditation, gentle exercise etc.
  2. Keep a Hot flush/sweat diary so you can see any patterns or triggers.
  3. When you feel one coming on….practice deep, slow breathing, it will take practice but this can work.
  4. Using Sage can help, make tea or take a good quality supplement.
  5. If you feel you need to then get your Thyroid checked by your Doctor.
  6. Eat foods containing phytoestrogens which mimic your body’s natural oestrogen but in much smaller doses.
  7. Ensure you wear natural materials and wear layers that are easily removed.
  8. Regular exercise can help many of the symptoms of menopause.
  9. Try bio-identical HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), your doctor can prescribe these.
  10. Use cool showers to lower your body temperature, this could be especially useful in the evening before bed.

Why not check out my free email course which will go into more detail about what you can do today to eliminate your hot flushes and night sweats. This course will give you a better understanding about what is going on with your body and what you can do to become a hot flush free zone. You’ll also get my ‘secret weapon’ against hot flushes that I only usually share with my VIP clients. Click below to get instant access.


Ugh…how to recover from that post Bank Holiday Feeling

So today I’m not feeling that great 🙂

meh, 3D rendering, a red shiny sticker

I didn’t want to write this blog/email/talk to anyone…

I’m feeling a little like Eeyore…

The reason I am writing to you is I KNOW you feel like this too sometimes too.

My last blog/email was all positive and skippy……I knew it would pass lol..

because that’s the way life rolls sometimes right?

and that’s ok because I know ‘this too shall pass’

I also know WHY I’m feeling a little ‘Meh

It’s because I’ve been eating too much crap and drinking too much caffeine!

I don’t want it to be that but i know it is….damn it!


I had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend camping. The weather was SUNNY 🙂

I took my brown rice and brocolli, seriously I did!

I had it on the first day then it was game over after the first camp BBQ!

You see I know how food affects my mood….but sometimes I still eat crap to test out my theory 😉

So this weekend my body saw more caffeiene, sugar and gluten than it’s seen for a while.

and it’s not happy! It’s far from happy! I think it’s actually disowned me.

Can your own body ignore you lol?

Poor sleep, bloated belly, low mood and general CBA (can’t be arsed).


Now the ‘old me’ would’ve beaten myself up, told myself I was rubbish, useless etc etc.

All that would do was make me want to eat more crappy foods and so on and on…

So today I said STOP….what is the one thing I can do to get back to feeling all zingy again?

Is it deny myself of sugar, caffeine and processed foods? Go cold turkey?  make a solmon vow NEVER to eat a biscuit again?

NOPE….hell to the no!

I will just eat a shit load more veggies (that’s nutrition techy speak) and drink lots of water/herbal teas today.

I will bombard my body with the good stuff so I crowd out the temptation of processed food.

In my experience ‘detoxing’ isn’t the way for me. I need a much more nurturing, huggy kind of way 🙂

If I do anything too extreme I can guarantee that I swing back extremely the other way. Like a pendulum.

I’m done with beating myself up and punishing myself for being human.


So if you feel a little meh like me today….don’t worry it will pass.

If you feel a little off course after the long weekend…….IT’S OK 🙂

Be kind to yourself and eat something delicious and nutritious.


Brocolli Love and happy hormones

Tanith x

ps I’m running my 21 Day Hormone Reboot in a few weeks time. 

Click on the link above to find out more and grab the ‘early bird’ price thingy.

What happened when I stopped eating “Clean” – By Mel Collie

So many diets, so many statistics showing us that obesity is an epidemic, an overburdening NHS with no money and out of date health advice leaves us confused, unsure about what to eat, when, calorie counting, colour counting, weighing, guilt..this confusion leads to overwhelm and overeating, thats why I stopped eating “clean”…sounds like a crazy thing to do when theres an obesity epidemic, but I think that the trend of eating clean/paleo also has its issues that no ones talking about. It can be totally the wrong thing if you are anorexic or have eating disorders as its another way of controlling food.

What is eating clean?

Eating clean means no sugar and a whole lot of fresh food thats not processed.

Obesity hit the headlines again today about the fact that fat doesn’t make you fat..

Its something that us health and wellness instructors have known a while

Its important to eat fat, avocados are actually good for you, as are nuts and seeds and butter. Whole milk is better than semi or skimmed milk.

If its low fat its not healthy for you, its full of chemicals that your Liver doesn’t know how to break down and use.

Veg and healthy body movement makes a big step towards a healthy future for your body, which means less burden on the NHS and on your heart.

Flora is rubbish..its not good for you..butter is, its a healthy fat as is coconut oil.

However…as good as you are at eating well you will have days when you don’t…and want to eat sugar.

And thats ok!

Its ok to eat in moderation, have chips, cookies, cake, chocolate.

I’m sure that you will go out for dinner and have a pudding, and thats ok, as long as at the time you actually enjoy it, without the stress of feeling guilty, thinking it will all make you fat and sick and you’ve fallen off the wagon.

We are doing less activity in our lives, but we are rewarding ourselves more, thats why sitting in front of the TV is a great pastime with a bowl of crisps , we love the reward..but don’t like the task.

And the task is? Working your body, like its supposed to. Stressing the body by moving it.

We are creatures of movement, hunters, gatherers, our brains haven’t changed or evolved to accept or understand modern stress.

We now sit in front of a screen and don’t move for hours. We wonder why we get fat, sick, with painful joints.

We don’t challenge ourselves anymore, we love the comfort zone, nothing we do scares us anymore, unless you make yourself join something that challenges you, do an activity that means you have to soul search for answers.

At the risk of boring you about my time in Snowdonia, thats exactly what I faced.

High mountain climbs, testing myself, abseils, questions, challenges.

Realisation and acceptance is key to living in the here and now.

We lie to ourselves all the time, even when we tell ourselves  we aren’t.

I do believe that eating clean is the only way to have a healthy heart, liver, mind, movement. However, when I started eating things like biscuits and cake again, I started to love food again, love the energy around food, love the places I ate them in. I believe that eating clean can be addictive and controlling, we can beat ourselves up when we don’t, which leads to a hormonal cascade which is just as bad as eating something viewed as a “chemical shit storm” ..

Anyway, I just chose to eat less..

I don’t eat three meals a day, I don’t eat breakfast because I don’t feel hungry before mid day. Doesn’t mean I eat loads later. Sometimes I don’t eat lunch either. I have more energy on the days I don’t eat before dinner.

I’ve tried a few diets overtime, Ive listened to how my body reacts, how my energy changes, what happens to me. Not how it works for someone else.

Metabolism is unique and it changes all the time.

Its your job to be true to yourself and eat to suit you.

For me, my diet looks like this

Lemon water in the morning, 5g Vit C and some Ashwaghanda

Lunch, if I feel hungry, (do you know how that really feels?) is a couple of eggs, watercress and ham, sometimes, if we have some, in the house, I also have a couple of slices of Ciabatta or a flat bread , toasted, with the eggs, lush! Sometimes some Kabanossi sausage as well.

Its taken time for me to stop the “breads bad for you, its gluten” thought..however, it is for some people, it isn’t for others. If you find it leaves you bloated and tired, then you have an intolerance, and your gut has trouble digesting it, the same can be said of milk, but its not true for everyone.

Find what works for you.

For dinner then, maybe I will have a curry, with nana bread (shock horror!), or a tuna salad, or fish and salad – my gut isn’t a  huge fan of potatoes, they leave me feeling tired, or a picky tea which is a mixture of cold meats, cheese, beetroot, crackers, pickles..stuff like that, a shepherds pie, pizza, pasta and bolognese sauce…just good old fashioned food. I also love a slice of cheesecake, I also love chocolate peanuts and chocolate buttons, apricots, blueberries..but..in moderation.

Knowing that you can have a food, thats its not a sin, its not bad for you, means you are more likely to not binge eat it, because its is plentiful supply, you aren’t denied it, its not going to run out, it will always be there. Its not like Charlie and the Chocolate factory when the chocolate river and the sweets were all such a treat, it seemed they had to to eat it all and extra fast or it would all be taken away from them, so its a knowing that the food you have is plentiful and will always be there. You aren’t going to starve.

I just eat when I feel hungry. I do believe though that many of us truly knows how that feels, to be hungry, the feeling of being lonely, upset, stressed, unworthy, fed up, wanting a cuddle…can all be mistaken for the feelings of being hungry. We can snack in the car on the way home from a bad day at work and eat a bag of sweets before we’ve even left the car park. Empty calories we forget about because we’ve eaten them in a daze and without being conscious of it.

So, I suppose I stop eating at about 8pm, and don’t start until 1pm the next day if I feel like lunch, or 6pm for dinner.Its not an exact science, and its not regimented..sometimes those times change.

Thats a gap of 17 – 22 hours between meals.

The scaremongering stories are that your metabolism will slow down – thats not true, or that you will faint, thats not true, or that your body goes into starvation mode, that also isn’t true. Your body 2- 3 hours after eating,  is in a “fed” state, its still digesting the food you have just eaten, but you could still feel the urge to eat.

This is usually because we’ve been conditioned to feel hungry by the adverts we see, the words we hear, the smells from the supermarket pumping bread and coffee smells..

I’m just eating less.

Its how human used to eat. Sometimes a big kill and lots of meat, sometimes just nuts and berries and fish, sometimes nothing.

However…We are moving less, we don’t need to eat 3 meals a day. We don’t need to snack. We don’t need to graze. We are bombarded more with images of food through marketing of course, reminding us to eat , eat, eat…eating on the train, in the car, as we walk, we just eat mindlessly.

On the days you are doing a whole lot more like hunting tigers and climbing mountains, you may well need more sugar based energy releasing foods.

On days you aren’t, then your body just doesn’t require food as much as you think it does.

Don’t diet, still eat the foods you love, but less, its simple really, but as I said in the beginning, its a journey, you will travel, you will stop and get off, you will get back on again, you will discover, you will feel fear, anticipation, wonder and happiness.

Thats the joy of life.

Realisation and acceptance.

Mel Collie


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