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I’m on a bit of a ‘self-healing’ journey just now. I can’t ignore the fact that I’m just not feeling myself. I’ve been feeling off for a wee while, I can’t quite put my finger on it. It all came to a bit of a head when I went through a particularly busy period in my life. I was super busy with work, exams and supporting my busy husband by doing all of the household stuff (yeah I know, smacks forehead with palm). I guess there was only so much I could take and hit a wall. This resulted in low mood, tears, apathy and just plain exhaustion. So i had a few days off and have reduced the load a little but I still don’t feel ‘right’. I still feel weary, lost my spark, lack interest in life, low self-esteem, low confidence, no creativity……..boy am I fun to be around 😉 I’m not like it all the time, I have little sputters of feeling better and then down I go again. Hmmmmmm….. I knew I had to do something but the thought of change actually felt overwhelming. Gah! writing this makes me feel really vulnerable but there isn’t any point pretending we are OK when we are not. ONLY I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING MYSELF WELL I would be easy for me to blame others or circumstances for how I am feeling but the buck stops with me. So in my fug I thought ‘what would I say to a client’? “You’ve been over doing it” “You need to rest and recover” “What ONE THING can you change...

Menopause Myth Buster part 1

I spend a lot of time reading and writing about hormones and the menopause. I read some great stuff and I read some rubbish!! When I asked a group of women what are some of the myths they have heard this is the response I got. ~How to avoid the nightmare from hell known as menopause ~To HRT or not HRT? That is the menopause question ~There is nothing you can do if you don’t want to take HRT, you just need to get on with it! ~That it will be HORRIBLE!!!! ~You’ll gain weight and it only happens in your 50’s ~It’s over in your 50s ~You have to go on HRT ~It’s the nightmare from hell and only hard core hormonal help will save you! ~It’s no wonder women are terrified of it and ignore it at all costs! I am filming some short ‘Menopause Myth Busting’ videos over the coming days to help you know the real deal on the change. Tanith x ps The plaster on my head is due to mole removal. I didnt want to procrastinate anymore about making the videos so you get me make up free and freshly scraped!         Download Your Free Menopause Resource...

We’ve got this weight loss thing all wrong

Download Your Free Menopause Resource Guide I’m reading a good book all about willpower called The Willpower Instinct. It’s a great book and has loads of info in it but it takes a little deciphering! Today I was reading the chapter called ‘What the Hell:How feeling bad leads us to giving in’   It talks about our brains reward system. How when we are feeling down or stressed we turn to reward to make ourselves feel better. We use things like; eating drinking shopping Facebook TV Surfing the web.   But it’s not the ‘thing’ that makes us feel better it is the thought of the reward. The thing that we chose to reward ourselves with can turn against us.   A study found that women who ate chocolate as a form of stress relief inevitably felt worse as they added the feeling of guilt to the mix. And we repeat it over and over again! It turns out that feelings of guilt and self-criticism actually make us more likely to be unable to resist temptation. So when we beat ourselves up (self bully) for eating a certain food or missing a gym session etc. we actually make it more likely that we will continue the cycle.  ‘giving in’ makes us feel bad about ourselves which makes you want to make yourself feel better. How do we do that? Usually by doing the thing that made us feel bad in the first place. Sounds crazy but we all do it!  If guilt doesn’t make us stop the self sabotaging behaviour why do we keep trying to use it? If...
The Top 5 Peri-menopause symptoms…..and what you can do about them

The Top 5 Peri-menopause symptoms…..and what you can do about them

1. Hot Flushes and Night Sweats These are the most common and uncomfortable symptoms. Many women find some foods can trigger a hot flushes. Things like  spicy foods, caffeinated drinks and  alcohol. Try keeping a hot flush diary to find your hot flash triggers. Phytoestrogens are found in most veg, wholegrain and fruit and can help alleviate menopausal symptoms so include them in your diet A good source is from  legumes, such as soy (fermented), lentils, peas and chickpeas. Be aware that for some these can be hard to digest and cause wind and bloating! You could try using herbs to help your symptoms.  Please always get professional advice before taking herbs as they can be powerful. Black cohosh is a well researched herb for menopausal symptoms. Dong quai can help hot flushes, and may help relieve mental and emotional upset. Agnus castus is helpful for general hormone balance through the perimenopause and menopause but especially for the mood swings. Sage can also reduce sweating associated with menopausal hot flushes.   2. Widening Waistline Is the middle age spread fact or fallacy? Is it something we should just accept or spend the second half of our life fighting? I think there is an element of acceptance of our bodies as they change as we get older. It isn’t necessatily menopuase just ageing! The way a women’s body reacts to her environment, stress levels, blood sugar levels, diet and exercise change as she hit’s her forties. I’ve spoken many times about the importance of stress reduction to help belly fat loss . See this post http://www.mrsmenopause.co.uk/reducing-stress-key-peri-menopause-symptoms/ The other BIG factor is...
Magnet down your pants!?

Magnet down your pants!?

So I was contacted by Derek Raymond from Ladycare who asked me if I had ever used his product. I’d heard of a magnet that women wore for PMS but not for menopause. To be honest I’d not paid it much notice. A magnet, in your knickers?…..Hmmmm So my intrigued was piqued (i like that word) and me being me went off for a bit of research. According to Lady care research in a survey of 508 menopausal women. There was a 50-67% reduction  in Anxiety, Feelings of Doom, Sudden weight gain, Muscle tension, Mood swings, Marked fatigue, Vaginal dryness, Difficulty sleeping, Urinary incontinence, Breast tenderness/soreness There was a 33% reduction in Hot flushes, Irritability, Loss of libido/sex drive, Inability to concentrate, Sore muscles, Lapses of memory These improvements were noted after one month of wearing LadyCare and the benefits were even more significant after 3 months Other observations were: 8.1% of women surveyed had had a hysterectomy. This did not seem to affect the response to LadyCare 19.1% of the group lost weight. Average weight loss was 14 pounds (6.4kg) NO UNTOWARD EFFECTS WERE NOTED Sounds too good to be true? Looking on forums and at reviews the response seems to be mixed. Some women love it and others don’t. So how does it work? “There are two divisions of the Automatic Nervous System (ANS), the Sympathetic Nervous system (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). Symptoms such as sweating and anxiety, which are commonly associated with menopause, are under the control of the Sympathetic division, which is our body’s fight-flight stress reactor system. For example, when we...
The 21 Day Hormone Reboot online plan – starts 1st June 2015

The 21 Day Hormone Reboot online plan – starts 1st June 2015

The 21 Day Hormone Reboot is Tanith’s  (AKA Mrs Menopause) step-by-step plan designed to help women age 40+,  of all shapes and sizes feel happier, lose weight, improve sleep and feel more energetic Do you recognise any of these symptoms? Feel exhausted Snappy at the kids for no reason Zero libido Jeans feeling too tight Interrupted sleep Awful PMS/menopause symptoms Food Cravings Just can’t be bothered Tried every diet and still can’t lose weight Wouldn’t you rather feel like this? Feel more in tune with your body? More confident about how you look? Rev up your libido? Rediscover your waist? Feel supported and listened to? Reduce or eliminate your PMS type symptoms? Feel energised all day long? A good, deep, long nights sleep? Feel better control of your life? The 21 Day hormone Reboot starts 1st June and I’d love to have you on-board. Click the link below to find out more and how to book your spot...
Quit the snack habit for weight loss – by Ruth Smethurst

Quit the snack habit for weight loss – by Ruth Smethurst

Quit the Snacks Habit for Weight loss – Body Synergy Fitness We have all heard the info that says says, ‘Choose healthy options for your snacks’.  Instead of a chocolate bar choose an apple, instead of crisps have nuts and yogurt…. etc etc. Well maybe just maybe even those healthy snack are keep your middle a little squoodgy and the bottom more wobbly than you’d like.  Now I am not an advocate of obsessing about looks and size and fat % but one thing I learned about my metabolism is that if my leptin has gone on holiday I am not going to have healthy blood sugar levels and any wobbliness reduction I was hoping to see from a focussed effort to de-wobble myself will be negligible. I will back it up a moment here and explain LEPTIN.  Leptin is the hormone that lets you know when you have had enough to eat.  The saviour chemical messenger that whispers quietly, ‘put your fork down or lose your jeans button!’.  It works in conjunction with insulin to regulate fat storage and use of calories.  Now if you have too many unused calories roaming around your blood this slows the free movement of Leptin from the fat cells to the brain and so the message gets a little lost in transit and you become Leptin resistant because your body is overproducing leptin and not getting a response.  So you end up eating more food than you need and become numb to the messages of being full.   There is a proven link between FRUCTOSE and leptin resistance, insulin resistance and liver...
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Your forties are a time of change, I’m sure I read once that’s when the fun starts. The body changes and you cannot stop it. I want to help you accept it and embrace it…..cellulite, flabby bits and all!

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