I took my dog and left my husband and kids

I took my dog and left my husband and kids

I am in creative heaven 🙏🏻

Last week I was pretty productive but lacking creativity.
I struggle to be creative at home when surrounded by mess, clutter and distractions.

I told to my husband that I ‘needed a wife’ so I could hide in my office and work and someone would look after me!

I guess that’s not going to happen….So I took action

I asked my client if I could use her cute country cottage for 4 days and 3 nights. I told my husband and teens they’re on their own 👋🏻

I packed my bags and my dog 🐶

And here I am …. focused and distraction free.
Minimal cooking, cleaning and no looking after anyone else but ME!

I love my life but I need a break and that’s 👌🏻 ok.
By fulfilling my needs and charging my ‘self care battery’ I will be able to serve my clients and my family.
Is that selfish?
Nah! It’s essential. I have my needs to and they’re as important as anyone else’s.
Not only am I writing my book ‘’midlife manifesto’ I’m living it too.
My life
My rules
One body,one mind, one menopause….I get to choose who I want to be in the next adventure.






















A New Life At Midlife

A New Life At Midlife

Morning Gorgeous 🙂

I’m really excited to be part of my first ‘online summit’. It sounds like I’m going to climb a mountain lol. Some days I feel I am…

It’s an online event where over a week you get to listen and watch over 20 speakers talk about different topics around mid-life and menopause.

I firmly believe that your ATTITUDE is the number one ‘thing’ that will influence who you are in mid-life and beyond.

It’s time to stop buying into the ‘my life is over’ crap as we zoom towards menopause. I know the symptoms can stop us in our tracks!

I’m not saying the transition is easy for everyone but for MANY women it is. we just don’t hear about their stories. (i would love to hear from you if you have a positive menopause story :-))

Mother Nature has given us the perfect opportunity to take stock at mid-life and reevaluate who we want to be moving forward.

We are keeping our health longer, midlife can stretch beyond 40 to 50 or 60. Even at 70 we can still be vibrant and full of life – if we have the right attitude.

If you’re facing a crisis, feeling apathetic about life, or wanting to make some changes but you don’t know how…

… join me and an inspiring band of other speakers on an online interview series:

New Life at Midlife: Turning Crisis… into Opportunity

We’re sharing our stories and our strategies for shifting your mindset and making changes so You can live the life you want now and in the years to come. It’s time to grow, to flourish, to triumph!

Be it spirituality, health, empty-nest, love, divorce, business, self-care or empowerment, you’ll find something in this series for you.

Connect with us and reconnect with who you truly are.

We begin on February 1st . Click here to register.


And every speaker will be offering you a gift you can use to create your Best Life.

See you there,

Tanith xx

New Life At Midlife Free Online Summit

Your Wisdom – Create your unique menopause manifesto

Last year I created an idea called Your Wisdom – create your menopause manifesto.

I took a small group of women through it and got some great feedback and some ideas on how to improve it.

In my experience when we create something of meaning to ourselves we are more to follow it through.

I believe we all have our inner wisdom …. some of us are better at tapping into it than others.

Menopause and mid-life is a time when we tend to draw in. I believe that the symptoms many women get is our ‘women’s wisdom’ wanting to be heard.

It can be a pivotal point in our lives; we can decide where we want the ‘autumn’ stage of our life do and who we want to be.

It is transformational ….

This year my focus is on helping women find the right ‘blueprint’ to this transition.

Through talks, workshops and a workbook.

Today I’m pulling all the information together and I’m inter eyed in what you would like to see in a workbook.

What areas do you want covered?
What questions do you need answering?
What would be really useful?

Answers on a postcard or you can pop them below or send me an email tanith@tanithlee.co.uk

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions ….


How to ENJOY Christmas (not just ‘survive’ it) 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏽

How to ENJOY Christmas (not just ‘survive’ it) 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏽

I’ve received a few emails from people I follow advising me how to ‘survive’ Christmas. I’d really like to enjoy it rather than endure it 😃

I appreciate that there are many reasons that people don’t like Christmas and that’s cool too.

Christmas can be a time that (generally) women, mothers, wife’s can end up utterly exhausted!

All the preparation, wrapping, shopping, organising we end up doing on top of everything else is usually unappreciated and knackering.

One of the best Christmases I had was when I went to Spain…..very little consumerism, lots of family and friends time and great food 😉 ….oh and sunshine lol

Yesterday I was grumpy and making everyone around me aware of it! I have a look that makes all of Santa’s elves whither and disappear….

I felt resentful, tired, unorganised and I was going around in circles getting nothing achieved. Bah humbug!


Not looking after myself; skipping meals, a few late nights, trying to cram too much into my days and….

Lack of gratitude….I was focusing on all the lack in my life rather than all the amazing things i have.

I had really high expectations of myself what I wanted to achieve before Christmas (finish all my work, a gleaming house, presents wrapped and distributed, food shopping done….etc. etc.)

It’s progress not perfection right?

I was taking LIFE waaaaay too seriously AGAIN! I easily slip into this when I’m in DOING mode and not BEING….

So my remedy is

  1. Gratitude (writing gratitude list and telling people you appreciate them is great)
  2. Expectations (have zero expectations of how the next few days go…..living one day at a time…….going with the flow)
  3. Have FUN……sod the clean house, the perfect roast potatoes, and the experty wrapped presents. The holidays are about having fun with family and friends. This, for me, is what Christmas is all about……CONNECTION 💚
  4. Delegation – nowhere does it state in the rules of Christmas that I have to do everything like some demented control freak while stating ‘I’m FINE” while everyone gives each other the ‘look’ and quietly exits the room.

Everyone has jobs to do this year so I don’t have to play the poor harassed wife/mother victim role in this year’s Christmas panto 😉

Whatever you are doing over the next few days …..I wish you a very Merry Christmas or happy holidays whatever that means for you.

I wish your days to be full of love, happiness and chocolate for breakfast 😉

Big love

Tanith xx

How To Feel Bloody Brilliant!

How To Feel Bloody Brilliant!


It’s been a wee while since i posted 🙂 I’ve been on holiday to Australia, had horrible jet lag and then was ill. In a way I’m pleased that I was so ill as it’s kicked started me back into focusing on my health and happiness.

I’m two weeks in and I’m feeling BLOODY BRILLIANT. How ?

  • working on my mindset
  • Eating well
  • Cutting out the cap
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • getting outside
  • Having fun and not taking life/myself so seriously!!

None of the above is new information to you and I right? Lack of information isn’t the issue in our world of Google…….but implementation is.

So what stops us doing the things that make us feel better?

fear? mindset? limiting self belief? Probably all of those and more 🙂

We feel stuck, we repeat patterns and feel like we go around in circles……all the time adding fuel to the ‘see i told you you couldn’t do it’ fire.

This is where asking for help comes in (hello feeling ‘less than’ and vulnerable). Maybe a friend, coach, mentor, therapist, expert or similar?

Oh this bit has turned into a mindset/head kind of post….i digress…

The last couple of weeks have not been perfect. I’m defo not ‘on a detox’ or regimented plan.

I’m being curious and listening to my body and I got advice….from a professional.

Even though I’m qualified to and help women who are feeling poop I cannot self treat as i cannot be objective (what do you mean hobnobs aren’t included?)

My way clearly wasn’t working…..i was tired, grumpy and my mojo had disappeared 🙁

I’ve pushed against resistance, I’ve sulked, practically stomped my feet but I’ve been kind to myself.

I’ve not been perfect or stuck to it 100%……i’ve been flexible and it’s like my body and brain have let out a huge sigh of relief.

To be honest I was paralysed by the thought of change……I LOVE my tea and toast but it wasn’t helping me feel better. (tea and toast will be back occasionally when my gut is happier)

The thought of eating differently to my friends and family seemed like too much effort.

The thought of having to spend ‘hours’ shopping, preparing and cooking felt like too much.

The thought of having to log foods and watch what I was eating seemed like a huge faff.

The reality is that it’s been pretty straight forward. I’ve had to plan and put in a bit of effort in but the pay off has been worth it 🙂

I’ve not even missed a coffee!

My energy has returned and so has my cooking mojo (i’m redesigning and recipe testing my two old recipe books)

My MOOD is marvellous…..i feel happy and positive. My symptoms are reducing and I’m sleeping better.

I am experiencing the power of healthy food, good supplements and a new mindset.

I wish I could some how magically let you feel how it feels to feel BLOODY BRILLIANT.

You have the power to feel happy, well and loving life at your finger tips…..

So my take home message is if you are paralysed by the thought of change but really want it…..do it any way because the reality isn’t usually as bad as our imagination tells us its going to be.

Start with one little habit change and let momentum turn that change into another change…

‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’ – Lao Tzu

Take a baby step today

Big love
T x