‘My Menopause’ – interview series with Katie Phillips

I was invited by my friend Katie Phillips from www.theschoolofself.love to join her in her ‘My Menopause’ interview series. You can watch my video below 🙂

In Katies own words…….

“I just LOVE how the Universe guides me.

Who knew that I would be called to host an expert interview series on Menopause! And it has blown me away how many experts want to be involved in this project. This information is SO NEEDED!

It’s time to bring menopause into mainstream conversation!

It’s time to acknowledge this life transition and get prepared for it to be an empowering, enriching and life enhancing rite of passage – because it CAN be and having spoken to many experts now, I believe it’s meant to be.

So, if you are determined to transform any conditioning that tells you your menopause means you are over the hill, un-sexy, at the end of your life and that you will suffer terribly…..I invite you to get informed and discover how you can make your experience of menopause (because you WILL go through it) the best it can be for you.

I am a 43 year old woman in Peri-Menopause and I am creating this interview series so that I may learn how to prepare for and positively experience the next few years. I am committed to making this a graceful and life affirming experience that will help me to more deeply know and love myself. ”

Will you join me?

You can get access to the interviews here: https://theschoolofself.love/my-menopause

A case study: Menopause, hormones and gut health

I have a new client, she is 46, had a premature menopause age 37 and she is struggling with low mood, low energy and feels she has lost her ‘oomph’ for live.

When her POI (premature Ovarian Insufficiency) was confirmed she went onto HRT which really helped for a while. She spent a few years finding the right HRT type and dose. Last year (October 2017) age 45 she decided to stop the HRT and see how her body reacted. At first she felt ok but over the last few months her energy has dropped and poor mental health symptoms have returned.

Is there link to gut health, menopause and hormonal imbalance?

At the same time she is dealing with long term pain and feels like she regularly has sore muscles and tendons.  On top of this she has had ongoing ‘gut issues’. About five years ago she had acute stomach pains and bloating and no one could give her a definitive answer what was going on. She has had digestive issues ever since. The pain has lessened but she gets extreme bloating and discomfort. This means she has to wear lycra most of the time to accommodate her expanding waistline. This and weight gain has had a negative impact on her self image and confidence.

Even though this client is feeling really crap (technical term!) she is resisting going back on HRT. She feels this may mask her gut problems and she wants to heal her gut so she has a better understanding of how her gut health is affecting her mental health. She has seen a herbalist who has given her a blend of herbs to help support her while she heals her gut.

I recommend that the client has a stool test ( I recommended the GI MAP + zonulin)

The results have shown she has:

C.difficile a bacterial pathogen
Giardia a parasitic pathogen
Low Escherichia spp. (species of gut bacteria)
High Firmicutes & Bacteroidetes (Phyla Microbiota)
Worms were detected (Trichuris trichiura)

Her secretory IgA is low which could indicate it’s struggling to cope.
Zonulin is high which indicates she has leaky gut

She has 6 strains of Antibiotic resistance genes.

What does that all mean? It means she has a lot going on in her gut and it’s no wonder she feels she is struggling along.

What is the answer? This client has had to invest in a big stack of supplements to help her gut to heal. This is not (and cannot be) fixed by taking some Anti-Biotics from the doctor.

It’s not going to be a ‘quick fix’, her gut has been out of balance for a long time and it will take a while to heal.

This client is me 🙂 I am my own client. I’m being looked after by my friend and functional medicine doctor Shania Lee (no relative ;-))

I’m going to share more about my journey back to health as we go along and as i learn more.


T x

BBC5 Live Menopause show

Last week I was invited to go to the BBC5 Live studio in Manchester to join a discussion about menopause.

Yesterday I jumped on a train excited to be given another opportunity to share my message about menopause and the positive and negative impact it can have on a women.

Meg Matthews (Meg’s Menopause) was the guest editor and the show was brilliantly hosted by the lovely  Nihal Arthanayake (who is now very educated about the menopause ;-))

The First hour was a discussion with Dr Louise Newson and Diane Danzebrink (http://menopausesupport.co.uk) with Professor Helen Stokes – Lampard, (pictured left) Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The second hour was with Dr Newman, Meg, myself, Bridget (WI), Jayne Harrison (Menopause cafe) and Ola Fagbohun (menopause cafe). This was a more relaxed, on the sofa, setting where we discussed the menopause and how it affects women. We heard some sad (yet typical) stories about how women are suffering. One women told us how she had been suffering for 20 years, this was heart breaking and unnecessary). A few men contacted the show to say thank you for discussing it on the radio as they didn’t know how to help their wives.

I had so much more I wanted to say on the show!  Dr Newman and Meg are very pro HRT but they were fairly dismissive of supplements and alternative therapies. I am also pro HRT as it saved my life but not all women can or want to use it. I felt it a little biased but then maybe i was just a bit sensitive to womans needs.

There wasn’t much discussion about nutrition and lifestyle changes to support women going through the transition.

I’m so pleased that the BBC are airing this topic so openly as the more we talk the more women will feel they can get help.


You can listen again on catch up here (expires 22nd May 2018) https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b01drn

How to nourish ourselves through menopause

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we think about our ‘diet’.

When we are feeling awful, no energy and craving carbs sugar like its crack cocaine the last thing we want to hear is.

“You just need to give up sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, grains, breathing….”

This is the last thing we want to hear right?

Yes, nutrition makes a HUGE difference to our menopause symptoms and our health and wellbeing.

But most women will find big change hard and short lived.

I advocate adding nutrients into the body FIRST before removing anything.

This doesn’t work for everyone but it really helps many of my clients.

Give the body what it craves; a rainbow of veggies, organic meat, water, healthy fats like avocado and olive oil oh and a little dark chocolate 😉

Once your body starts to get the nutrients it craves then your cravings for junk/processed/sugary for will naturally reduce without you feeling deprived.

it’s much more intuitive and you stand much more chance of sticking with it.

Feeling good is addictive but it feels impossible when you are feeling pants!

Make small changes 🙂


Coconut and nut butter fat bomb recipe

I don’t often post recipes as I am building up a library on my Nutritional Therapy website before I launch it. I do have one recipe book call Feel Fabulous which will be on sale in the next week or so and I am slowly putting together a recipe book aimed at women for womens health.

Anyway, I do love cooking and experimenting and I made these super tasty ‘fat bombs’ at the weekend. My default comfort food is carbs and sugar but they mess with my mood, energy and gut health. Once of the ‘tools’ or ‘hacks’ I use to help those pesky cravings is to eat a fat bomb. They really help 🙂

My 15 years old daughter loves these 💚





















Makes 12

These took me 20 minutes to make (you need a food processor) plus time for 1 hour chilling (you can chill while the bombs chill)


  • 1.5 cups of dried shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup of virgin coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup organic crunchy nut butter
  • 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (depending on your preference)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of sea salt

For the chocolate ‘icing’

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup organic butter
  • 2 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1-2 teaspoon of maple syrup

You will need silicon mini muffin/fairy cake moulds or ice cube trays.


  1. Preheat the oven to 180∘
  2. Spread the coconut flakes evenly on a baking tray and lightly toast for 6-8 minutes, giving them a stir half way through. You need to watch they don’t burn 🙂
  3. Once toasted,remove from the oven and place in your blender/food processor and pulse until finely cut and starting to go mushy.
  4. Add the coconut oil and mix to blend.
  5. Add the cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract.
  6. Add the nut butter and mix it in but not too much so you keep that lovely crunch
  7. Pour a thin layer into each mould.
  8. Pop these into the fridge to chill for 30 minutes while you prepare the chocolate ‘icing’

Chocolate icing

  1. Mix the coconut oil, cocoa and maple syrup until blended and smooth.
  2. Spread thinly over the well chilled first layer and pop back in the fridge for another 30 minutes.

Once they have set hard pop them out of the moulds and store in a glass container in the fridge.

Enjoy the smooth, chocolatey, melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Let me know what you think of them
T x