My new sparkly FRESH website is coming soon…..

My new sparkly FRESH website is coming soon…..

OMG, OMG, OMG ….. i’ve just had a first glimpse at my new website!!

I created Mrs Menopause blog back in 2011 when I was in the throes of early menopause. I created it as a platform to share my experience and stories and to reach out to other women going through the same thing.

I had no idea that I would create a business from that little idea!

My poor blog has limped along with minor changes and tweaks and it is looking a little jaded.

I’ve given my own life, body and mindset a reboot over the last nine months and I wanted my website to reflect my growth.

I cannot wait to share it with the world very soon.

T x

Mid-life upgrade

Mid-life upgrade

The last nine months have been tranformational for me personally.

After a pretty crap 2018 with my mental health, physical health and family traumas I knew I wanted 2019 to be different. I wanted my next decade in sobriety to be even bigger and better.

That decision was taken back in September 2018. I knew for me to have a radically different year would take a radical step forward and a new mindset.

I needed help. I found help. I invested in a coach. 

For the last nine months I’ve been fully focused on me. Selfish? Maybe ….. but I needed to be to create big change. I wasn’t willing to ‘just get by’, ‘survive’ or ‘get through the days’ anymore.

★ I’ve said no to lots of people even when I knew they wouldn’t like it.

★ I stopped doing ‘stuff’ for the sake of it and because ‘they’ are.

★ I’ve turned down work because it no longer fits with who I am or what I do.

★ I’ve learnt to trust myself and learnt what self compassion and self love means to me.

★ I’ve learnt what I need when I need it.

★ I’ve called bull 💩 on my limiting beliefs and stories.

★ I’ve glimpsed my potential and I am excited about what that will bring.

At the eve of a new year I didn’t set any resolutions because I already started them a few months back 😜

Yay to celebrating life and all the ups and downs and side ways…

“To thine own self be true”

My biggest discovery has to be the power of my thoughts and beliefs. I had no idea that my old negative stories and mindset was creating more of the same. As much as I wanted to feel happier, healthier and wealthier I was unaware that to create that I had to teach my body to experience those feelings and desires as if it was already true.

I had to break the cycle and to do that I have to act as if my dreams had already come true!


You brain doesn’t not know the difference between your imagination and reality.

In research by Pascual-Leone, A. (1995 article) “Modulation of muscle responses evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation during the acquisition of new fine motor skills.” Journal of Neurophysiology, vol 74(3) 1037–1045, people who mentally rehearsed piano exercises two hours a day for five days had almost the same brain changes as people who practiced on a real piano.

Today I know I can be happier if I choose to be. I can take some quiet time and rehearse mentally (think) and physically (feel/emotions) how I want to ‘be’ in the world.

You and I have been conditioned into believing that we need a reason for joy, a motivation to feel gratitude, grounds to be in a state of love. That’s relying on external reality to make us feel different internally…The new model of reality challenges us…to change something within us — in mind and body, in our thoughts and feelings — before we can experience the physical evidence with our senses. Can you give thanks and feel the elevated emotions associated with a desired event before it occurs? Can you imagine that reality so completely that you begin to be in that future life now? – Dr Joe Dispenza

I’m currently deepening my learning and practice of this by following Dr Joe Dispenza’s work. He explains more in this blog post https://drjoedispenza.net/blog/mastery-es/when-you-stop-looking-and-start-becoming/

Menopause Talk – Sussex

Let’s talk about the menopause 🙂

I’m hosting an event for women who want to know more about the menopause.

There is still so much fear and confusion around menopause even with the wealth of information available. Many women are still struggling and don’t have access to someone who understands them and can empathise with what they are experiencing. Someone who can reassure them that they CAN feel BETTER, have more energy and be free of the symptoms.

Most women don’t know where to begin their journey. What to try first or feel a ‘failure’ because they have to use HRT.

Tanith will give a talk about the basics of menopause and how you can either prepare for the change or how to support yourself whilst going through it.

Then the floor will open for questions, sharing and discussion. This is POWERFUL as so many women feel alone and like they are the only one experiencing hormonal hell.

If you feel confused, overwhelmed or even a little fearful of what the menopause is then this is the talk for you.

Peri-menopause – the good, the bad and the ugly

Monday 29th April

7.30- 9.30pm

Cafe Rouge – Haywards Heath (upstairs function room)


To book your ticket click this link

‘My Menopause’ – interview series with Katie Phillips

I was invited by my friend Katie Phillips from www.theschoolofself.love to join her in her ‘My Menopause’ interview series. You can watch my video below 🙂

In Katies own words…….

“I just LOVE how the Universe guides me.

Who knew that I would be called to host an expert interview series on Menopause! And it has blown me away how many experts want to be involved in this project. This information is SO NEEDED!

It’s time to bring menopause into mainstream conversation!

It’s time to acknowledge this life transition and get prepared for it to be an empowering, enriching and life enhancing rite of passage – because it CAN be and having spoken to many experts now, I believe it’s meant to be.

So, if you are determined to transform any conditioning that tells you your menopause means you are over the hill, un-sexy, at the end of your life and that you will suffer terribly…..I invite you to get informed and discover how you can make your experience of menopause (because you WILL go through it) the best it can be for you.

I am a 43 year old woman in Peri-Menopause and I am creating this interview series so that I may learn how to prepare for and positively experience the next few years. I am committed to making this a graceful and life affirming experience that will help me to more deeply know and love myself. ”

Will you join me?

You can get access to the interviews here: https://theschoolofself.love/my-menopause

A case study: Menopause, hormones and gut health

I have a new client, she is 46, had a premature menopause age 37 and she is struggling with low mood, low energy and feels she has lost her ‘oomph’ for live.

When her POI (premature Ovarian Insufficiency) was confirmed she went onto HRT which really helped for a while. She spent a few years finding the right HRT type and dose. Last year (October 2017) age 45 she decided to stop the HRT and see how her body reacted. At first she felt ok but over the last few months her energy has dropped and poor mental health symptoms have returned.

Is there link to gut health, menopause and hormonal imbalance?

At the same time she is dealing with long term pain and feels like she regularly has sore muscles and tendons.  On top of this she has had ongoing ‘gut issues’. About five years ago she had acute stomach pains and bloating and no one could give her a definitive answer what was going on. She has had digestive issues ever since. The pain has lessened but she gets extreme bloating and discomfort. This means she has to wear lycra most of the time to accommodate her expanding waistline. This and weight gain has had a negative impact on her self image and confidence.

Even though this client is feeling really crap (technical term!) she is resisting going back on HRT. She feels this may mask her gut problems and she wants to heal her gut so she has a better understanding of how her gut health is affecting her mental health. She has seen a herbalist who has given her a blend of herbs to help support her while she heals her gut.

I recommend that the client has a stool test ( I recommended the GI MAP + zonulin)

The results have shown she has:

C.difficile a bacterial pathogen
Giardia a parasitic pathogen
Low Escherichia spp. (species of gut bacteria)
High Firmicutes & Bacteroidetes (Phyla Microbiota)
Worms were detected (Trichuris trichiura)

Her secretory IgA is low which could indicate it’s struggling to cope.
Zonulin is high which indicates she has leaky gut

She has 6 strains of Antibiotic resistance genes.

What does that all mean? It means she has a lot going on in her gut and it’s no wonder she feels she is struggling along.

What is the answer? This client has had to invest in a big stack of supplements to help her gut to heal. This is not (and cannot be) fixed by taking some Anti-Biotics from the doctor.

It’s not going to be a ‘quick fix’, her gut has been out of balance for a long time and it will take a while to heal.

This client is me 🙂 I am my own client. I’m being looked after by my friend and functional medicine doctor Shania Lee (no relative ;-))

I’m going to share more about my journey back to health as we go along and as i learn more.


T x