Mrs Menopause

Create your unique Menopause Blueprint

Your life, Your body, Your menopause, Your rules

Create your midlife manifesto

You are as unique on the outside as you are on the inside

One size definitely does not fit all for us women, especially where our hormones are concerned.

This workbook is not your usual book about menopause. This book is like having a nutritionist and coach in your hands.

Tanith (AKA Mrs Menopause) will guide you and show you how you cannot only survive but thrive through the menopause.

Yes this book will give you help, suggestions and advice but it will do so much more.

You will rediscover so much more about yourself and what your goals and aspirations are as you head towards your 3rd age.

You will understand what is holding you back. Your doubts and fears will be overcome and you will understand what a wonderful life you have to look forward to post menopause.

Mid-life Manifesto

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