Dear menopause body ………

Dear menopause body ………

Dear Me,

Hey body……WTF!! Please tell me the jokes over…..I mean whats going on? I can’t keep up with you just now. Hot then shivery. Happy, manic then depressed and suicidal. I feel I have no control over you any more…..It’s scary, daunting and hopeless….

I feel exhausted, invisible and completely dis-connected to who i used to be but maybe I just can’t remember who I used to be because of my shocking memory. Oh the irony that what I do remember is that I once had a libido, zest for life, mojo and a waist! Ha flipping ha!

Let’s not even talk about the hair situation! I’m surprised I’m not bald with the amount of hair that comes out in the shower, my bikini line is heading down towards my knees and what’s with the thick, black chin hairs! *cue witchy cackle*

My muffin top has turned into a blancmange, my oestrogen depleted boobs resemble naan breads and my skin is dry EVERYWHERE. Oh yes while we’re here let’s talk about my once juicy mucous membranes (vagina, anus, eyes, nose and digestive system) now feel like the Sahara desert. Even if I felt so much as a spark of desire it involves so much effort to get warmed up that ….CBA (can’t be arsed).

I only have to look at food and it seems to stick to my ass by osmosis. The time in my life when i need every bit energy so I can exercise and look after myself Mother Funking Nature has decided to drain every last bit  from me …….please tell me this is all weird nightmare. I would cry but I’m too exhausted.

Don’t you think I’ve got enough to deal with without the pressure of showing the signs of ageing! Society just does not let me age damn it! I would welcome laughter lines if you hadn’t removed my sense of humour. Add to that the media pressure of looking like my fifteen year old daughter with her smooth, tight skin and curves I just feel like giving up.

Now I know why NOBODY TELLS YOU  about menopause when you’re younger…..PUBERTY is a blast compared to hormonal surges that mid life brings.

When will this all be over? Will I ever feel ‘normal’ again?

love Me x


Dear Me,

Hey, it’s your body speaking. I’m sorry to hear you’re not experiencing this exciting new phase as I intended it. I’ve been giving you clues for years that you need to look after yourself more. All those years of putting yourself towards the bottom of the list are catching up. PMS, feeling knackered and ‘soldiering on’ through it all without a care for me is taking it’s toll. (and let’s face it you did abuse me in your 20’s and 30’s with all that Pinot Grigio ha ha)

Give up the fight sister……let go and surrender 🙂

Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Those horrible symptoms are my way of telling you that I need some TLC. I need some attention….I beg you to treat me differently now as I have different needs, wants and desires.

The menopause marks the end of your fertile years but not the end of your life. I’m hoping we have many more summers together so let’s work together on this one. This transition needs a team effort. you and me babe!

Please take the time to listen to what I need, forget what you’ve been told as every women is different. You know what I need, yes you really do 🙂

Use this uncertain time to slow down, reflect and be still. You can’t hear me unless you do. I don’t need to push harder, work longer, binge watch Netflix and any more gruelling, punishing regimes. Give me a break! Treat me with the care and attention you would give me if I was six years old. Love, compassion and patience will make me purr.

Let go of wanting ‘the old you back’…..what about creating the new you that can emerge from the other side this hormonal funk?

It is possible to feel happy, healthy and confident no matter how you look or the size of your knickers! Really it is 🙂

I am your friend not your enemy so let’s work together.

I love you

Your Body xx

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