In a world where “experts” give us different information each week on what we should be eating, it was a relief to be able to consult Tanith as her straight forward and sensible advice was so welcome.

Tanith shows an extremely professional and friendly approach to all her clients. With a wealth of experience and academic knowledge at her disposal she has been very helpful and I was grateful for the amount of time I was given during my consultations.

I cannot recommend Tanith more highly .

Josie – Haywards Heath

I went to see Tanith after I had been suffering from the menopause for about 3 months. It was a relief to sit with someone who really understood what I was feeling. We talked through how I felt, my diet and exercise. Tanith suggested some supplements that would help me and we came up with a menu plan too. Once I started to take the supplements and sorted my diet out I started to feel so much better. I am now going to the gym twice a week and doing yoga once a week.

Sam – West Sussex

The journey towards menopause has many twists and turns, lots of conflicting advice and actually precious little information that’s of any real use in our daily lives. That’s why it’s so refreshing to find someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. Tanith’s recent talk on menopause and nutrition was just what I needed: an overview of what my body is going through at this time in my life, coupled with practical tips on how to help myself naturally simply by making small but important changes to my lifestyle, diet an exercise regime. Brilliant!

Nicole – Burgess Hill

Excellent! Very informative and interesting. I will definitely be booking for next workshop.

Thank you.


Lovely evening – really informative + inspiring! Thanks ladies 🙂


Great eve last night Tan thank you. Really relaxed and informal with lots of information, which was so user friendly!! Xxx

Lesley Hepher

Tanith, thank you so much for a great evening – v informative and enjoyable 🙂

Nicola Tata

Thank you Tanith, it was a really interesting and informative evening. Love the cookbook! Xxx

Jane Newman