How to ENJOY Christmas (not just ‘survive’ it) 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏽

How to ENJOY Christmas (not just ‘survive’ it) 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏽

I’ve received a few emails from people I follow advising me how to ‘survive’ Christmas. I’d really like to enjoy it rather than endure it 😃

I appreciate that there are many reasons that people don’t like Christmas and that’s cool too.

Christmas can be a time that (generally) women, mothers, wife’s can end up utterly exhausted!

All the preparation, wrapping, shopping, organising we end up doing on top of everything else is usually unappreciated and knackering.

One of the best Christmases I had was when I went to Spain…..very little consumerism, lots of family and friends time and great food 😉 ….oh and sunshine lol

Yesterday I was grumpy and making everyone around me aware of it! I have a look that makes all of Santa’s elves whither and disappear….

I felt resentful, tired, unorganised and I was going around in circles getting nothing achieved. Bah humbug!


Not looking after myself; skipping meals, a few late nights, trying to cram too much into my days and….

Lack of gratitude….I was focusing on all the lack in my life rather than all the amazing things i have.

I had really high expectations of myself what I wanted to achieve before Christmas (finish all my work, a gleaming house, presents wrapped and distributed, food shopping done….etc. etc.)

It’s progress not perfection right?

I was taking LIFE waaaaay too seriously AGAIN! I easily slip into this when I’m in DOING mode and not BEING….

So my remedy is

  1. Gratitude (writing gratitude list and telling people you appreciate them is great)
  2. Expectations (have zero expectations of how the next few days go…..living one day at a time…….going with the flow)
  3. Have FUN……sod the clean house, the perfect roast potatoes, and the experty wrapped presents. The holidays are about having fun with family and friends. This, for me, is what Christmas is all about……CONNECTION 💚
  4. Delegation – nowhere does it state in the rules of Christmas that I have to do everything like some demented control freak while stating ‘I’m FINE” while everyone gives each other the ‘look’ and quietly exits the room.

Everyone has jobs to do this year so I don’t have to play the poor harassed wife/mother victim role in this year’s Christmas panto 😉

Whatever you are doing over the next few days …..I wish you a very Merry Christmas or happy holidays whatever that means for you.

I wish your days to be full of love, happiness and chocolate for breakfast 😉

Big love

Tanith xx

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