Excess Facial Hair??

I get asked alot about why women seem to sprout hair in odd places as we get older.

The term to describe increased and unwanted facial hair in post menopausal women is hirsutism. This means hair growing in the same way as male pattern hair growth (moustache, beard or growing thicker hair on limbs). Women who experience hirsutism are sensitive to small amounts of hormone, according to the Bristish Association of Dermatologists. These women have hair that grows in thicker and faster than normal in response to hormones.

It is caused by the imbalance between the hormones Estrogen and Testosterone. In the run up to the menopause, as the ratios between the two hormones change, so the problem of excess hair can occur.
This imbalance leads to too much male hormone or by the loss of estrogen after menopause Polycystic ovarian syndrome can also be the cause , which accelerates hair growth.
Growing an unwanted ‘tash or beard  can be an unwelcome side effect of menopause due to the hormonal changes. Many  women report unwanted hair on the face.


Eating a nutritionally sound diet will help naturally balance out the hormones. Removing toxic foods like caffeine, alcohol, sugar and wheat can help the body rebalance.
This unwanted excess hairyness is generally a harmless condition which can be treated in a number of ways.
plucking – apparrently this doesnt cause hair to grow back thicker?
laser therapy – good for thicker darker hairs not soft blonde downy hair
electrolysis – good for the soft blonde downy hair
This website gives a comprehensive list of treatmentshttp://unwantedfacialhair.co.uk/public/options/#4


I have a few thick rogue hairs on my chin …..i just pluck them out!! If they get worse then I may have to reassess the situation!!

Its seems that there doesn’t seem to be much that we can do about preventing the excess hair.
You need to find a treatment that suits you.
Trying to balance naturally through lifestyle and nutrition is a good step in the right direction 🙂



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  1. I have problem hair on my chin, they are very long….. fine and blond, i usually i wax but i for what ever reason have more growing, I am 49 this year so i guess its my age.



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