Menopause Myth Buster part 1

I spend a lot of time reading and writing about hormones and the menopause.

I read some great stuff and I read some rubbish!!

When I asked a group of women what are some of the myths they have heard this is the response I got.
~How to avoid the nightmare from hell known as menopause
~To HRT or not HRT? That is the menopause question
~There is nothing you can do if you don’t want to take HRT, you just need to get on with it!
~That it will be HORRIBLE!!!!
~You’ll gain weight and it only happens in your 50’s
~It’s over in your 50s
~You have to go on HRT
~It’s the nightmare from hell and only hard core hormonal help will save you!
~It’s no wonder women are terrified of it and ignore it at all costs!

I am filming some short ‘Menopause Myth Busting’ videos over the coming days to help you know the real deal on the change.
Tanith x

ps The plaster on my head is due to mole removal. I didnt want to procrastinate anymore about making the videos so you get me make up free and freshly scraped!




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