My new sparkly FRESH website is coming soon…..

My new sparkly FRESH website is coming soon…..

OMG, OMG, OMG ….. i’ve just had a first glimpse at my new website!!

I created Mrs Menopause blog back in 2011 when I was in the throes of early menopause. I created it as a platform to share my experience and stories and to reach out to other women going through the same thing.

I had no idea that I would create a business from that little idea!

My poor blog has limped along with minor changes and tweaks and it is looking a little jaded.

I’ve given my own life, body and mindset a reboot over the last nine months and I wanted my website to reflect my growth.

I cannot wait to share it with the world very soon.

T x


  1. Hiya, I’m not actually going through the menopause but I believe to be suffering with anxiety and horrible feeling because of my periods. I’ve recently had polyps removed from my womb which has helped with the pain/bleeding but I still have these overwhelming feelings leading up to my period. I’m taking Angus cactus but would you recommend I take an magnsuim supplement? Please help, natasha x

    • Hi Natasha, I’m sorry to hear your experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms. Magnesium would be a great place to start but i have the feeling there is something deeper going on. I would recommend seeing a professional who cna get to the root cause of the imbalance. I can help you 🙂 if you would like to jump on a call to discuss it further please book a call using the link below.


  2. I am 68 Can still symptoms of postmenopausal e.g. insomnia and being anxious at that age Thank you.

    • Hi P, thanks for your comment. Without a detailed consultation I wouldnt be able to comment on whether the insomnia and anxiety is due to menopause. However, ‘most’ women do not suffer with menopause symptoms many years after their last period.
      For you to get to the root cause I would suggest seeing a professional to help you. Anxiety can be caused by many factor; stress, mindset, nutrtional deficiencies, bloodsugar disregualtion etc.


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