Be still

Just for a minute

Find some space

Just for a moment stop resisting, fighting, yearning for what was…

The ‘change’, the menopause transition, the terrifying steps towards your ‘autumn years’ cannot be slowed down or stopped.

Yes you can fight it! And you do..

As your body sends you messages that you are unwilling to listen to, you push harder, do more, ignore the signs, mask the messages, quieten your inner voice.

Yes you can take the supplements, change your diet, exercise more, take HRT, try the herbs suggested by your neighbour, read the books, watch the videos….

Nothing wrong with that….but are you just trying to fix yourself because you feel broken?

I know you are desperate to feel better. I’ve been  there too

The emotional rollercoaster, the anxiety, depression, the aches and pains, the greying hairs, looser skin, tighter jeans and laughter lines. 

You feel untethered, lost and confused. Who am I? 

So you read more, listen more….you just want to feel better, to feel like you used to.

You hate menopause! You feel your body is failing you. It’s just not fair damn it! 

You want someone, something to fix you. But sister you can only heal yourself.

But you’re too tired, exhausted, wrung out….you can barely function let alone heal yourself right?



She is whispering to you. Who is she? The inner you, your wisdom, your soul, your essence, your intuition.

You feel stuck, you feel fear! The voice is terrifying, what she wants feels daunting and impossibly selfish.

How can you possibly want more for yourself? To grow, evolve, blossom and shine.

Who are you to demand more from life? To follow your dreams and be happy.

What will they think? What will theysay? 

You have to be a great mum, husband, sister, wife, lover, daughter first…..then you’ll have time for yourself.

The truth is that you will always come last if you put others first. 

You feel naked, raw and exposed. So, so sensitive.

The illusion is that it’s easier to fight it, ignore it, push against it. Eat and drink those feelings, desires and yearnings away.

Numb your dreams with Netflix and Facebook.

Compare yourself to others so it feels ok to feel stuck. It feels ‘normal’.

Fuck normal!

The minutes, days and years are ticking by….tick tock, tick tock…

You can’t hide from it, it will always be on your shoulder, you can’t stop it but you CAN decide to start listening.

‘The change’, any change feels scary and we hide from it but have you considered that there is FREEDOM the other side?

Pause, just for a minute. 

Listen to your hearts desires because all of the ‘symptoms of menopause’ are just messages. 

Mother nature is giving you a loving nudge, when we ignore the nudge it becomes a kick.

Sometimes we need to experience a breakdown, a rock bottom, the jumping off place before we are willing to open our eyes and see what we need to see.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad way. 

Can it be as simple as making a decision, for don’t we all have choice?

Is today the day you decide that you are unwilling to live the way you are living? To feel the way you are feeling?

Is right now the time you open your eyes and see yourself? Your beautiful, gorgeous, perfectly imperfect self?

If you feel like giving up; try giving up ignoring your needs, giving up being so hard on yourself, giving up giving up on yourself.

The menopause is a transition from one stage of life to another. The hormonal flux will level out, the emotional rollercoaster will slow down, you won’t feel like this forever.

You won’t EVER feel like you did in your twenties, you are growing into someone new.

That’s exciting. Today could be the start of something incredible if you decide it to be

Sister, please don’t give up on yourself. Hang in there because there is so much more to discover.

I’m not giving up on you, I will be here for you until you can be here for yourself


  1. This is so true and supportive it bought a tear to my eye. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Tanith x

    • ah thank you 🙂 this was written from the heart for women who are suffering xx


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