The 21 Day Hormone Reboot online plan – starts 1st June 2015

The 21 Day Hormone Reboot online plan – starts 1st June 2015

21 day logo_02bThe 21 Day Hormone Reboot is Tanith’s  (AKA Mrs Menopause) step-by-step plan designed to help women age 40+,  of all shapes and sizes feel happier, lose weight, improve sleep and feel more energetic

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

  • Feel exhausted
  • Snappy at the kids for no reason
  • Zero libido
  • Jeans feeling too tight
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Awful PMS/menopause symptoms
  • Food Cravings
  • Just can’t be bothered
  • Tried every diet and still can’t lose weight

Wouldn’t you rather feel like this?

  • Feel more in tune with your body?
  • More confident about how you look?
  • Rev up your libido?
  • Rediscover your waist?
  • Feel supported and listened to?
  • Reduce or eliminate your PMS type symptoms?
  • Feel energised all day long?
  • A good, deep, long nights sleep?
  • Feel better control of your life?

The 21 Day hormone Reboot starts 1st June and I’d love to have you on-board.

Click the link below to find out more and how to book your spot



  1. Hi, I am with Jango health and fitness boot camp and he recommended your website to me as I am going through the menopause so am finding it difficult to lose weight, lack of energy and not getting a good nights sleep.
    I have just read about the 21 day hormone Reboot, will this help with these symptoms?
    I know that I have missed the start date, however, can I still do it anyway?
    My aim is to feel better overall and have more energy to put into my bootcamp exercises as I feel too weak and pathetic so want to build myself up again whilst I still am able to.
    Many thanks

    • Hi marion,

      Thanks for visiting. The current group have reported reduced hot sweats, better sleep and improved energy 🙂
      DO you follow a eating plan with Jango?

      The plan is running again in 1st July (prep week starts 24th June) . so why not sign up for that group. Here is the link.


      ps Say hi to Jango for me 🙂

  2. Hi Tanith,
    can you tell me when your next 21 day hormone reboot is scheduled for. I have only just been directed to your site and am very interested.

    • Hi Diane,

      I missed this post so i do apologise for the delay!

      However I am planning to run a reboot in april.

      I’m looking for 10 ladies who are ready to make some changes and get back their mojo.

      Hopefully you’ll be one of them?


  3. Hi there I want to join your 21 day reboot. However, i really do not want to join the facebook page for obvious reasons. It is may 2016. Please advise next date thanking you xx

  4. Hello there, i would love to join the 21 day reboot, please tell me how do I get it.

  5. I would love to join the 21 day re bout. Please tell me how to join?

    • Hi Jackie, I havent run this program for a wee while as I’m rewriting it and updating it. I’m aiming to launch it in June. If you join my mailing list you’ll be the first to know 🙂


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