Would you like support, guidance and understanding as you go through your menopause experience?- 7th June 2021

It's time to 'do' menopause differently

Unfunk your menopause brain on this six week online program. Learn how ‘fixing’ your brain health, beliefs and mindset FIRST is the quickest, effective and intuitive way to navigate the menopause and understand your symptoms.

It’s time to change the current menopause narrative and rewrite YOUR menopause story

  • Tame your brain and say good bye to anxiety and depression
  • Improve your memory and cognition (no you’re not going mad)
  • See how your limiting self-beliefs are holding you back from what you want
  • Learn how feeding your whole-self is an often overlooked part of menopause transition
  • Never feel stuck or experience self-sabotage again
  • Feel empowered and ready for your post-menopause life
  • Learn how to finally create healthy habits that you will actually stick with
  • Discover the real meaning of your peri-menopause symptoms and how to address them

Here is what is involved:

  • Be part of a supportive, positive and loving community of women
  • Private members area are where you will receive coaching and support from me
  • Instant and lifetime access to the information via app or online
  • Weekly live Q+A sessions
  • Weeks 1-4 you will get clear on your thoughts, beliefs and mindset that are holding you back from feeling in control, powerful and able.
  • Weeks 5-8 you will create your own unique menopause ‘recipe’ that you will be emotionally connected so that it will easily become the way you live