Hormone Reboot

The Hormone Reboot is Tanith’s  (AKA Mrs Menopause) four-week step-by-step plan designed to help peri-menopausal women reconnect with their mind and body so that they feel back in control of their hormones. You will understand what the messages (sometimes called symptoms) your body is sending you. You will create your own unique plan that suits your unique needs.

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You're one step away from taking back control of your hormones

The Hormone Reboot starts Monday 4th November

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Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

  • Feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get
  • Snappy at the kids/your partner for no reason
  • Zero libido
  • Jeans feeling too tight around the waist
  • Interrupted sleep that leaves you feeling shattered
  • Awful PMS/menopause symptoms
  • Food Cravings
  • Just can’t be bothered to do anything anymore
  • Tried every diet and still can’t lose weight

Interrupted sleep, a thickening waistline and crazy mood swings are all tell-tale sign that your hormones are out of whack.

  • “I hit my forties and my moods have gone crazy and my libido has gone on vacation!”
  • “I just don’t recognise myself anymore”
  • “My husband and kids run and hide from my hormonal rants”
  • “I just can’t shift this fat around my middle, it’s so depressing!”
  • “I’ve tried all sorts of supplements and nothing works”
  • “I just can’t sleep!”
  • “I’m just plain exhausted all the time”

What makes the reboot different from a diet plan?

This isn’t a diet plan, detox or strict eating plan. This plan will help you move away from the outdated diet mentality.

There are two main aspects to this program

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition & Lifestyle


You will discover how your brain, thinking and emotions are what drive you to the choices you make every day. These daily choices and actions either take you towards feeling happier, healthier and have more energy or away from it.

The foundations of this program focus on ‘bringing your brain back online’. You’ll understand your ‘triggers’ and where you use food, drink or certain activities as a crutch and learn to lean into the feelings so gain freedom from them.

You will be clear on where you are, where you would like to be and what’s stopping you from getting there. You’ll move away from feeling stuck and being taken hostage by your hormones to feeling progress with ease and gentle momentum.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

There are no rules or ‘must-do’s’ in the plan. If you don’t like the gym, that’s easy, don’t go!

I’m not going to give you a ‘hard and fast’ plan that you must follow – if that’s what you want then the Reboot isn’t for you.

There are guidelines and suggestions 🙂 The main focus on the plan is to be guided to explore what YOU need.

Sister, you and I have different needs, wants and desires. So the Reboot is about tapping into your women’s wisdom and your intuition. Don’t panic it’s not all ‘woo woo’ I’ll be there to guide you along the way.

Yes, I will invite you to experiment with different foods so you can feel how great you can feel with small nutrition changes. You will develop a curious mindset as you remove/reduce some foods from your diet, don’t panic because we don’t do it all at once. Phew!

Remember if nothing changes ……nothing changes!

We actually add in lots of good stuff first but your brain is probably still focused on the stuff we take away right?
This is not a deprivation plan, far from it, but we have to change things up to get a different result than you currently have.
The plan focuses on balancing blood sugar levels, helping the liver function and looking after your gut health. These all help “reboot’ your hormones which will help you feel refreshed, less bloated, lose some body fat and improve your mood.


Alongside the nutrition awarenesses, you will be learning how stress, sleep and exercise are key elements to balancing your hormones.

You will learn and experience all of this in a loving, kind, supportive environment. One of Tanith’s superpowers is being wholeheartedly empathetic

I don’t want to spoil all the surprises along the way…
There are other elements like the popular Goddess time, mindset funk shifters, quizzes and information about how your body works and why the plan is run like it is.

You’ll get access to Tanith and the wisdom and support of the other ‘rebooters’ via a Facebook group and the invitation to attend a weekly group coaching call.

You're one step away from taking back control of your hormones

The Hormone Reboot starts Monday 4th November

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I did love the program as it put my mind at ease with regards to some of the issues regarding the changes that are taking place in my body. I found Tanith very supportive and unpretentious and I felt I could ask her anything without feeling any embarrassment or feeling judged, which you can sometimes feel on other courses related to health and well-being. Tanith has a very upbeat attitude to life despite what she has had to endure and she is very brave to share in a very honest and genuine way in her seminars ” Esther Egerton

“Tanith gave up so much of her time to help me out, answering all my questions and offering her wisdom and experience. She’s very knowledgeable about all things hormonal, but even better she’s really sympathetic about all things emotional/spiritual/mental! Such a great service, such a lovely lady. Highly recommend.”


“The program was better than any I had done before. It was geared towards women that have experienced menopause and in my case before their time. The information and support provided was excellent. Whilst I had a fair amount of knowledge about nutrition it has reinforced a lot of my understanding and allowed me to tweak other areas. Thank you Tanith!” Natalie Law

Wouldn’t you rather feel like this?

★ Feel more in tune with your body?

★ Feel mentally powerful and strong?

★ More confident and trust yourself?

★ Reconnect with your libido?

★ Rediscover your waist?

★ Feel supported, listened to and understood?

★ Reduce or eliminate your hormonal imbalance symptoms?

★ Feel energised all day long?

★ Finally enjoy a good, deep, long night’s sleep?

★ Feel in more control of your life?

You're one step away from taking back control of your hormones

The Hormone Reboot starts Monday 4th November

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Before I tell you about how I can help you, what makes me the right person to hold your hand on this journey?

This is me…..Tanith 🙂

My name is Tanith and I’m a……….47 year old post-menopausal women. I went through the menopause in my mid-thirties and let me tell you it wasn’t an easy experience for me. I went through night sweats, erratic moods and totally lost my mojo. I felt lost, alone and a failure. I couldn’t focus at work and all I wanted to do was cry and sleep. So I’ve been there and got the Tshirt!

Using over fourteen years worth of experience working in health and fitness, as a trainer and nutritional therapist and through my own life experience I have put together a ‘heart-centered’ program to help women like you get ‘unstuck’, move forward and able to shine once more.
Imagine having access to someone who has been through EXACTLY the same issues as you are right now. Someone who will empathise and listen as well as guide you through the hormonal roller coaster.


Did you know that a women’s hormones change in her mid-thirties, with the peri-menopause symptoms happening up to 12 years before her last period (average age 52). It’s not all about hot flushes either. Symptoms like anxiety, depression, fatigue and weight gain can all be signs of hormonal imbalance. Still think it’s too early to think about it?

There is so much information ‘out there’ about the hormonal imbalance and it can be a bit of a mine field. Where do I start? Who can you ask questions? Does anyone else feel like me? Will I ever feel normal again? Yes you could go to your GP but the chances are that they will fob you off with some kind of pill to treat the symptom rather using a naturopathic whole body approach (like me) and treating the cause.

I have been through the trenches; I know exactly what you are going through. I know you need someone to listen to you, guide you and tell you what works and what doesn’t. I created the hormone reboot plan because I wish I’d had access to it when I was at my lowest. Let me hold your hand, lend you my shoulder and gently guide you through the next four weeks.

It’s NOT NORMAL, but it is common, to feel depressed, bloated and have low energy during peri-menopause.

It may have become YOUR normal but you don’t have to feel anymore any more

The Hormone Reboot uses self-coaching and group coaching to show you how to improve your mid-life mindset. Mindset coaching is the underlying foundation of the four weeks, on those foundations, you will be able to build new nutrition and lifestyle habits to create a happier, healthier and hormonally balanced life.

I’ve developed the Hormone Reboot plan to consist of mind-set strategies, intuitive nutrition and lifestyle tweaks that when you start putting them into practice will help you feel like the woman you desire to be. More more energised, more productive and even sexier ! This plan will show you your way to feeling and looking the best you have for years without feeling stressed out or deprived. You will discover what works exactly for you.

Just think how you will feel if you don’t address your health, well-being and perhaps your relationships now. Do you really want to feel like this for the next week, month or even years? Coaching is the latest buzz word but what is it? As your coach I will listen, support and help you find ways to solve your hormonal mayhem.

It will save you hours of wasted time googling your symptoms and getting bombarded with yet more information. How do you know where to start? How do you know what will work best for your unique make up?

The  plan will look at all areas of your life to help you feel happier, more balanced, slimmer, have more energy and find your lost mojo.

100% guaranteedI personally guarantee that you will feel an improvement to your debilitating symptoms at the end of the four weeks, in fact, you will start to notice a difference within days. If you follow the plan o the best of your ability and still feel no improvement to the way you feel after the four weeks then I will happily give you a 100%, no quibble full refund.

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes. Do you really want to feel stuck, sluggish and knackered for another day?   I really want to help you and all my sisters out there. You do not have to go through this alone. There is so much love and support waiting for you. I am really excited about offering the Hormone Reboot plan and I look forward to working with you, Here’s to your health, hormones and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a Facebook account, can I still do the plan?

In my experience you will get the best results if you become part of a community. Facebook offers an easy tool to communicate and interact with each other and Tanith. The group is private which means that people can see the group but cannot see what the members posts. Previous clients who haven’t got a Facebook account because of privacy issues have created a fake account. They used a fake name and used a different email address. Once the plan was over they deleted there account. The plan is possible without using Facebook as the information will be delivered via a dedicated client portal you will just miss the ‘forum’ type feel.

Do I need to buy any additional equipment or supplements?

No extra equipment or supplements are needed to follow the plan. Some suggestions may be made but they are not essential for your success

I'm really busy, will it take much of my time?

The Hormone Reboot plan will not take up too much time but the more time and attention you give yourself the more you will get from the program. The plan is designed to be straight forward and simple. All videos will be available to watch anytime via the client portal and app.  There is a live weekly group online meeting but don’t worry if you can’t make it live every week as it will be recorded.  A small amount of time will be needed for completing short worksheets and/or questionnaires.

I'm on HRT, is the plan suitable for me?

Yes, the plan is suitable for women on HRT and bio-identical hormone therapy. 

I have a medical condition, can I still follow the plan?

This answer will require an individual response. Please contact Tanith direct tanith@tanithlee.co.uk. We also recommend that you speak to your GP before starting any lifestyle plan.

I haven't followed an on-line plan before, how does it work?

All the information will be delivered via the client’s online portal and app.  Each module will be revealed each week and you will have access to the information.  The weekly online meetings are a method of watching a presentation via computer in the comfort of your home. You can ask questions either by speaking or by typing them. You can also listen in via a telephone if it is more convenient.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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