I took my dog and left my husband and kids

I took my dog and left my husband and kids

I am in creative heaven 🙏🏻

Last week I was pretty productive but lacking creativity.
I struggle to be creative at home when surrounded by mess, clutter and distractions.

I told to my husband that I ‘needed a wife’ so I could hide in my office and work and someone would look after me!

I guess that’s not going to happen….So I took action

I asked my client if I could use her cute country cottage for 4 days and 3 nights. I told my husband and teens they’re on their own 👋🏻

I packed my bags and my dog 🐶

And here I am …. focused and distraction free.
Minimal cooking, cleaning and no looking after anyone else but ME!

I love my life but I need a break and that’s 👌🏻 ok.
By fulfilling my needs and charging my ‘self care battery’ I will be able to serve my clients and my family.
Is that selfish?
Nah! It’s essential. I have my needs to and they’re as important as anyone else’s.
Not only am I writing my book ‘’midlife manifesto’ I’m living it too.
My life
My rules
One body,one mind, one menopause….I get to choose who I want to be in the next adventure.






















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