My top tip for an easier menopause

Good Morning πŸ™‚

For the last 30 days I committed to ME, to do what I need to do to feel GREAT and enjoy my short time (not too short i hope!) on this planet of ours.

I’m nearly 45 and have decided I want to feel happy, fit and healthy as I head towards the second stage of my life.I want to have a thriving, successful business and earn money so i can have freedom. To do that I need to tweak my days.

30 days ago I started with four easy things to add into my life:

1. 15 minutes meditation

2. 30 Minute walk

3. watch/listen to something funny

4. drink a green smoothie/juice/soup

I committed to myself and to make it work I added in flexibility so I am always winning. I had to work through the resistance and excuses. Looking back over the last 30 days makes me really proud of myself. Doing what I said I would do is FANTASTIC for your self-esteem πŸ™‚

In fact it’s given me so much of BOOST that I have tackled tasks that I have been putting off for ages.

To make sure that I continue with my new rituals and so I can add in a few more I have being doing this one simple thing……

==> Getting up earlier<==

Now the mornings are lighter it’s much easier to wake earlier so I ave been slowly winding back my wake up time. My aim is to get back to 5.30am.

Having that uninterrupted hour to myself has been a game changer for my mood and productivity.

It’s MY TIME. I get up. I meditate. I stretch or do a short workout. I prepare a decent breakfast. I do some written self development work.

Then I start my day with the rest of the family in an awesome mood.

I know it’s not rocket science lol and many of you are probably doing it but I want to share my success and hope it may be of use to you.

So if you ‘never have enough time’ to do the things you need to do to help your menopause transition, then maybe it’s time to make time?

Have a great week

Mrs Menopause

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