Ugh…how to recover from that post Bank Holiday Feeling

So today I’m not feeling that great ๐Ÿ™‚

meh, 3D rendering, a red shiny sticker

I didn’t want to write this blog/email/talk to anyone…

I’m feeling a little like Eeyore…

The reason I am writing to you is I KNOW you feel like this too sometimes too.

My last blog/email was all positive and skippy……I knew it would pass lol..

because that’s the way life rolls sometimes right?

and that’s ok because I know ‘this too shall pass’

I also know WHY I’m feeling a little ‘Meh

It’s because I’ve been eating too much crap and drinking too much caffeine!

I don’t want it to be that but i know it is….damn it!


I had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend camping. The weather was SUNNY ๐Ÿ™‚

I took my brown rice and brocolli, seriously I did!

I had it on the first day then it was game over after the first camp BBQ!

You see I know how food affects my mood….but sometimes I still eat crap to test out my theory ๐Ÿ˜‰

So this weekend my body saw more caffeiene, sugar and gluten than it’s seen for a while.

and it’s not happy! It’s far from happy! I think it’s actually disowned me.

Can your own body ignore you lol?

Poor sleep, bloated belly, low mood and general CBA (can’t be arsed).


Now the ‘old me’ would’ve beaten myself up, told myself I was rubbish, useless etc etc.

All that would do was make me want to eat more crappy foods and so on and on…

So today I said STOP….what is the one thing I can do to get back to feeling all zingy again?

Is it deny myself of sugar, caffeine and processed foods? Go cold turkey? ย make a solmon vow NEVER to eat a biscuit again?

NOPE….hell to the no!

I will just eat a shit load more veggies (that’s nutrition techy speak) and drink lots of water/herbal teas today.

I will bombard my body with the good stuff so I crowd out the temptation of processed food.

In my experience ‘detoxing’ isn’t the way for me. I need a much more nurturing, huggy kind of way ๐Ÿ™‚

If I do anything too extreme I can guarantee that I swing back extremely the other way. Like a pendulum.

I’m done with beating myself up and punishing myself for being human.


So if you feel a little meh like me today….don’t worry it will pass.

If you feel a little off course after the long weekend…….IT’S OK ๐Ÿ™‚

Be kind to yourself and eat something delicious and nutritious.


Brocolli Love and happy hormones

Tanith x

psย I’m running my 21 Day Hormone Reboot in a few weeks time.ย 

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