What happens after menopause?

What happens after menopause?

You’ve been riding the waves of menopause. You probably feel like you’ve been hit by a Tsunami?

You haven’t been able to keep up with your Jekyll and Hyde personality, your expanding waist and the hot/cold sweats.

You’ve been hanging on by a thread.

Desperate for some reprieve.

And then….

your periods stop!

You may or may not continue with symptoms…..

That depends on many things….

If only there was a Menopause Manual (maybe i should write one…oh hang on I am ;-0)

Now you have had a year period free (whoop!) and you are now officially post menopause….even though you were post menopause when your last period finished!

That’s it ….

No fanfare

No telegram from the queen.

No one will notice…..it all feels a little undramatic 🙁

Done, Done, Done!


Maybe……Maybe not!

At the age of 45 I am 7 years post menopause. Now that’s a mind F@@k in it’s self!

The menopause transition is a little like childbirth. I sometimes forget how bad it was.

Being the other side of ‘it’ I can say that going through the menopause early has been an ‘awakening’. Yes I’m aware how cheeeeeesy that sounds.

But it’s true…..I feel like a different women.

hell I AM a different women.

In this video I share how brilliant it is being the ‘other side’

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  1. I’m in the thick of an early menopause and am really struggling. I’m on HRT but am still a forgetful, flabby psycho and am wondering if I’ll ever go back to ‘normal’?? I can cope with it all apart from how I’m alienating myself from my wonderful husband and two children..I honestly think they’d be better off if I absented myself from their lives…


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