Your Wisdom – Create your unique menopause manifesto

Last year I created an idea called Your Wisdom – create your menopause manifesto.

I took a small group of women through it and got some great feedback and some ideas on how to improve it.

In my experience when we create something of meaning to ourselves we are more to follow it through.

I believe we all have our inner wisdom …. some of us are better at tapping into it than others.

Menopause and mid-life is a time when we tend to draw in. I believe that the symptoms many women get is our ‘women’s wisdom’ wanting to be heard.

It can be a pivotal point in our lives; we can decide where we want the ‘autumn’ stage of our life do and who we want to be.

It is transformational ….

This year my focus is on helping women find the right ‘blueprint’ to this transition.

Through talks, workshops and a workbook.

Today I’m pulling all the information together and I’m inter eyed in what you would like to see in a workbook.

What areas do you want covered?
What questions do you need answering?
What would be really useful?

Answers on a postcard or you can pop them below or send me an email tanith@tanithlee.co.uk

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions ….


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