World Menopause Day 2018

World Menopause Day 2018

What does World Menopause mean to you? Do we need a world menopause day?

Yes and No!

Yes, we need more awareness, more deep and honest conversations around mid-life and menopause.

No,  we shouldn’t have to have a yearly reminder about a natural part of a women’s life. Is there a pregnancy and puberty day? There probably is…;-)

Let’s have these conversations EVERY DAY. By being brave, honest and vulnerable we create connection and community with each other. Let’s learn to listen to each other and SUPPORT each other.

Midlife and menopause is a time of change, transition and transformation. Our bodies change, we are ageing whether you like it or not 😉

In the western world, the majority of women have symptoms (around 75%) but remember MANY don’t so don’t assume that menopause is a rubbish experience for all women. In many parts of the world, women have a very different experience of menopause. Some countries don’t even have a word for menopause.

I think menopause needs rebranding and a new strapline! Change begins from changing our mindset and being willing to see with new eyes.

As our life expectancy lengthens we are the first generations to live well beyond the menopause. Our body just hasn’t evolved and hasn’t got a clue about what it’s supposed to do with the extra 40 years post menopause.

So while our bodies catch up let’s look after ourselves and each other. It is possible to thrive as we get older. Set some strong foundations with what you eat and drink, how you move daily, how much connection and fun and laughter you have. I know it’s rubbish when you are feeling awful with hormonal havoc symptoms but it is possible to take tiny baby steps every day to feel better.

Let’s nourish, care and cherish ourselves because we are flipping AWESOME. Let’s celebrate ourselves, each other, being a women and the menopause.

Happy menopause (day) sister! x


What is Perimenopause and Menopause?


Sometimes we need someone who ‘get’s it’ to listen and help us to discover the first step to feeling better.

Just like Nic did.

“Am thrilled to say I’ve finally had my phone consultation with the amazing Tanith! As you may know, I’ve been plucking up the courage to have a call from Tanith…anxious about feeling silly…well what a waste of worrying! She was a-mazing!!!! Really listened, took me seriously and obviously had a wealth of knowledge and experience! Nice to talk to someone who had empathy! She’s given me some starting points, whilst I wait for further hospital appointments! I actually feel, for the first time in ages, that I have a chance to take charge of my menopausal health…I know where to start….so any woman worrying about having a telephone chat with Tanith….there’s simply no need! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💗💗”


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