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∞ create your menopause manifesto ∞

Create your personalised plan

for your menopause transition

You will walk away from our time spent together having created your own unique menopause manifesto. This is your own blueprint to take you forward through the menopause transition. You will understand what you need to support yourself as you navigate the choppy waters of menopause.
Not only will you learn what happens to you and your body when it transitions through the menopause you will create who you want to be the other side.
You will understand how Mother Nature is working with you not against you. Learn to listen to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your menopause symptoms - yes really ;-)
The workshop is built around the three Cs; clarity, courage and connection.
☆ Clarity ☆
Here you will take an honest look at where you are. You will identify any problems, beliefs, struggles or challenges you have.
☆ Courage ☆
Now you have identified your problems you will discover your solutions and begin to put together your menopause manifesto.
☆ Connection ☆
Learn how to reconnect to yourself; especially your body and the menopause. Find connection to other women going through the same phase.

You only have one life, one body, one menopause so embrace the rollercoaster of life and hold on for the ride.

You will:

❤︎ Create your own unique 'menopause manifesto' which will be your blueprint to feeling happier, healthier and more confident.

❤︎ Understand how to work with your body so you have more energy, sleep better and have more balanced moods.

❤︎ Understand why you have menopause symptoms and what you can do today to reduce/eliminate them.

❤︎ In the small, intimate group you will be able to ask me any questions which I will personally reply to each one so that you can move faster towards feeling better

If you are one of the first five to sign up you will receive a free telephone/skype consultation with me to discuss any issues you have.

A 1-2-1 consultation is the fastest way to get exactly the right advice for you

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