Dear menopause body ………

Dear menopause body ………

Dear Me,

Hey body……WTF!! Please tell me the jokes over…..I mean whats going on? I can’t keep up with you just now. Hot then shivery. Happy, manic then depressed and suicidal. I feel I have no control over you any more…..It’s scary, daunting and hopeless….

I feel exhausted, invisible and completely dis-connected to who i used to be but maybe I just can’t remember who I used to be because of my shocking memory. Oh the irony that what I do remember is that I once had a libido, zest for life, mojo and a waist! Ha flipping ha!

Let’s not even talk about the hair situation! I’m surprised I’m not bald with the amount of hair that comes out in the shower, my bikini line is heading down towards my knees and what’s with the thick, black chin hairs! *cue witchy cackle*

My muffin top has turned into a blancmange, my oestrogen depleted boobs resemble naan breads and my skin is dry EVERYWHERE. Oh yes while we’re here let’s talk about my once juicy mucous membranes (vagina, anus, eyes, nose and digestive system) now feel like the Sahara desert. Even if I felt so much as a spark of desire it involves so much effort to get warmed up that ….CBA (can’t be arsed).

I only have to look at food and it seems to stick to my ass by osmosis. The time in my life when i need every bit energy so I can exercise and look after myself Mother Funking Nature has decided to drain every last bit  from me …….please tell me this is all weird nightmare. I would cry but I’m too exhausted.

Don’t you think I’ve got enough to deal with without the pressure of showing the signs of ageing! Society just does not let me age damn it! I would welcome laughter lines if you hadn’t removed my sense of humour. Add to that the media pressure of looking like my fifteen year old daughter with her smooth, tight skin and curves I just feel like giving up.

Now I know why NOBODY TELLS YOU  about menopause when you’re younger…..PUBERTY is a blast compared to hormonal surges that mid life brings.

When will this all be over? Will I ever feel ‘normal’ again?

love Me x


Dear Me,

Hey, it’s your body speaking. I’m sorry to hear you’re not experiencing this exciting new phase as I intended it. I’ve been giving you clues for years that you need to look after yourself more. All those years of putting yourself towards the bottom of the list are catching up. PMS, feeling knackered and ‘soldiering on’ through it all without a care for me is taking it’s toll. (and let’s face it you did abuse me in your 20’s and 30’s with all that Pinot Grigio ha ha)

Give up the fight sister……let go and surrender 🙂

Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Those horrible symptoms are my way of telling you that I need some TLC. I need some attention….I beg you to treat me differently now as I have different needs, wants and desires.

The menopause marks the end of your fertile years but not the end of your life. I’m hoping we have many more summers together so let’s work together on this one. This transition needs a team effort. you and me babe!

Please take the time to listen to what I need, forget what you’ve been told as every women is different. You know what I need, yes you really do 🙂

Use this uncertain time to slow down, reflect and be still. You can’t hear me unless you do. I don’t need to push harder, work longer, binge watch Netflix and any more gruelling, punishing regimes. Give me a break! Treat me with the care and attention you would give me if I was six years old. Love, compassion and patience will make me purr.

Let go of wanting ‘the old you back’…..what about creating the new you that can emerge from the other side this hormonal funk?

It is possible to feel happy, healthy and confident no matter how you look or the size of your knickers! Really it is 🙂

I am your friend not your enemy so let’s work together.

I love you

Your Body xx

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BMS – British Menopause Society survey results

BMS – British Menopause Society survey results

Today the British Menopause Society released the results of a survey it conducted revealing that three quarters of women say that the menopause caused them to change their lives and over half say it had a negative impact, highlighting the greater support needed for women experiencing the menopause in the UK.

Alongside almost half of women surveyed experiencing symptoms such as hot flushes (46%), night sweats (37%) and low levels of energy (37%), the survey also highlighted that women experienced other less talked about symptoms including increased urinary frequency or urgency (33%), sleeping problems/insomnia (33%), joint aches (32%) and vaginal dryness (24%). Despite these symptoms, a third of the women who were experiencing or who have experienced the menopause, hadn’t tried anything to reduce or prevent their symptoms.

In addition:

  • Over half (51%) of women also said that the menopause had affected their sex lives.
  • Furthermore, over a third (34%) said that they were less active since experiencing the menopause and a further third (32%) said they no longer felt like good company.
  • To note, almost half (45%) of women, felt their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work.

My dear Sisters, Those results aren’t much of a surprise right? If you’re reading this then I assume you are experiencing some symptoms of the hormonal flux? Reading these results urge me forward to continue my mission to helping women not only ‘manage’ their symptoms but feel happier, healthier and full of self confidence than they ever have before.

“Despite the average female life expectancy in the UK being 83 years, and many women living in the post-menopausal phase for half to one-third of their lives, the findings of the survey suggest that there are still many women who are choosing to go through the menopause without seeking support or treatment even when they are experiencing symptoms that are affecting all aspects of their lives, including their relationships.” Kathy Abernethy, Chairman, British Menopause Society

If I could give you one thing it would be HOPE at this tricky phase of life. The menopause transition doesn’t last for ever (even though it can feel like it does). It’s a phase which takes us (sometimes kicking and screaming) from one phase of our life to another.

Sisters……don’t give up on yourselves…..there is so much YOU can do to help yourself. Small tweaks to diet and lifestyle, maybe a supplement thats right for you……a complimentary therapy……a support group…..see a professional….make yourself a priority……HRT…….the menopause is YOUR time to change…..go inwards and seek your wise woman….give her what she needs….love, belonging, kindness……..

Please love yourself and your body as it goes through this change. Your body is not the enemy……..the symptoms are a way of her talking to you…….telling you she needs your attention…..slow down….listen…..treat her as you would your daughter/friend/mother

I’m sending you all LOVE and HUGS xxx   


If you feel you need a little help or advice then add your details to the form below and you can jump on a free telephone call with Tanith. This call will give you a little clarity and direction so that you can move towards feeling happier, healthier and hormonally balanced.   




★Your Wisdom – Create your unique ‘menopause manifesto’ in 7 days★

★Your Wisdom – Create your unique ‘menopause manifesto’ in 7 days★

★ Your Wisdom★

∞ create your menopause manifesto ∞

Create your personalised ‘blue print’ for your menopause transition

We get bombarded with information, so much so that we feel confused and don’t know where to start.

Every women on our planet is uniquely different. There is no one on earth like YOU – wow right?

YET we still expect to be able to follow a plan, book, system and get the results we want. Sometimes this works but mostly it doesn’t’

We wonder ‘what’s wrong with me?’, ‘why didn’t it work’ and feel discouraged.

There is nothing wrong with you…..you just haven’t discovered what it is you uniquely need 🙂

One of the wonders of menopause is our developing women’s wisdom. This isn’t something you can learn from a book. This comes from age and experience.

Life will feel so much easier when you understand what it is that you (not your friend, mother or sister) NEED.

Welcome to Your Wisdom – Create your menopause manifesto in 7 days.
You will walk away from our time spent together having created your own unique ‘menopause manifesto’. This is your own blueprint to take you forward through the menopause transition.
You will understand what you need to support yourself as you navigate the choppy waters of menopause.
 Not only will you learn what happens to you and your body when it transitions through the menopause you will create who you want to be the other side.

 You will understand how Mother Nature is working with you not against you. Learn to listen to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your menopause symptoms – yes really 😉

 The workshop is built around the three C’s; clarity, courage and connection.

☆ Clarity ☆
Here you will take an honest look at where you are. You will identify any problems, beliefs, struggles or challenges you have.
☆ Courage ☆
Now you have identified your problems you will discover your solutions and begin to put together your menopause manifesto.
☆ Connection ☆

Learn how to reconnect to yourself; especially your body and the menopause. Find connection to other women going through the same phase.

You only have one life, one body, one menopause so embrace the rollercoaster of life and hold on for the ride.

 You will:

❤︎ Create your own unique ‘menopause manifesto’ which will be your blueprint to feeling happier, healthier and more confident.

❤︎ Understand how to work with your body so you have more energy, sleep better and have more balanced moods.

❤︎ Understand why you have menopause symptoms and what you can do today to reduce/eliminate them.

❤︎ In the small, intimate group you will be able to ask me any questions which I will personally reply to each one so that you can move faster towards feeling better


If you are one of the first three to sign up you will receive a free telephone/skype consultation with me to discuss any issues you have.

A 1-2-1 consultation is the fastest way to get exactly the right advice for what you need.

☛ The 7 day dive begins on Monday 2nd October BUT we will be getting to know each other and getting familiar with the plan from Monday 25th September.

☛ The doors close for signing up midnight on Sunday 24th September.

☛ The cost for the 7 (14) days is £9.99

☛ The plan will run from a Facebook group as it’s the simplest way for a group to interact online. (one of my clients who doesn’t use Facebook created a fake, secure, private FB profile to use only with the groups I run)

Click this button below to pay and access the group


They called me FAT!

So in the space of 24 hours two professionals suggested that i lose weight 🙁

I’ve got a mild prolapse and the extra weight is adding pressure to my pelvic floor.


It is thought that one in two women have some sort of prolapse. It’s much more common post menopause because of the changing hormones. (if you think this may be you please don’t waste time getting it looked into)

My womens health physio suggested that i lose the visceral fat I’ve got around my belly and my internal organs…..

Then my GP asked me how much weight i’ve put on since my early menopause….

They didn’t call me fat but that’s how my brain interpreted it lol

i put on around 2 stone four years ago and I ‘had’ found some peace with my curvier shape.

What with that and my ongoing digestive issues which cause pain and bloating that resembles being five months pregnant I was feeling a little dejected 🙁

So last week I embarked on playing with a new eating plan mainly to focus on my digestion which i was hoping would address the extra weight.

I duly logged my foods and symptoms.

Looked at new recipes.

Joined the Facebook group.

Became a little obsessed.

……and then wanted to eat ALL THE FOOD……my cravings returned….my old ‘disordered food’ obsessions were triggered and I was in full on DIET MODE.

ARGH!!! Noooooooo.

I felt deprived, miserable and a failure as I was eating foods not on the plan.

So yesterday I paused, stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.

What was really going on? What was the deeper story here? Why did I really want to lose weight?

I am worried about what people think of me 🙁 Oh hello my old friend self-obsession 😉

I wasn’t loving and accepting who I am and how I look.

I have two events coming up that I have perceived as a threat as I have told myself I should look a certain way. One event is in-front of a new audience as the ‘menopause fitness expert’ and the other I’m in-front of my peers.

My brain freaked out and went into full on fight, flight or freeze mode.


My body has been pumping me full of cortisol in response to the perceived threat (the events).

And the ironic thing is one of the ‘negative’ results of high levels of cortisol are belly fat!! Exactly the type of fat that we post menopause ladies hang onto. (there are other reasons too but more about that next week).

So me stressing to lose weight is actually making my body hang on to or even gain more belly fat!

Ha! The reason it does this is so if we need the extra energy its easily accessible. Aren’t our bodies amazing??

Yesterday I stepped away from the ‘diet’ and am refocusing on relaxation and fun!

I’m having two days off to chill out and regroup 🙂 I’m actually going to be in Windsor in a lovely hotel with my husband.

Time to disconnect from the b*llshit and reconnect with myself, my body and my husband.

Lots of love
Tanith x

My top tip for an easier menopause

Good Morning 🙂

For the last 30 days I committed to ME, to do what I need to do to feel GREAT and enjoy my short time (not too short i hope!) on this planet of ours.

I’m nearly 45 and have decided I want to feel happy, fit and healthy as I head towards the second stage of my life.I want to have a thriving, successful business and earn money so i can have freedom. To do that I need to tweak my days.

30 days ago I started with four easy things to add into my life:

1. 15 minutes meditation

2. 30 Minute walk

3. watch/listen to something funny

4. drink a green smoothie/juice/soup

I committed to myself and to make it work I added in flexibility so I am always winning. I had to work through the resistance and excuses. Looking back over the last 30 days makes me really proud of myself. Doing what I said I would do is FANTASTIC for your self-esteem 🙂

In fact it’s given me so much of BOOST that I have tackled tasks that I have been putting off for ages.

To make sure that I continue with my new rituals and so I can add in a few more I have being doing this one simple thing……

==> Getting up earlier<==

Now the mornings are lighter it’s much easier to wake earlier so I ave been slowly winding back my wake up time. My aim is to get back to 5.30am.

Having that uninterrupted hour to myself has been a game changer for my mood and productivity.

It’s MY TIME. I get up. I meditate. I stretch or do a short workout. I prepare a decent breakfast. I do some written self development work.

Then I start my day with the rest of the family in an awesome mood.

I know it’s not rocket science lol and many of you are probably doing it but I want to share my success and hope it may be of use to you.

So if you ‘never have enough time’ to do the things you need to do to help your menopause transition, then maybe it’s time to make time?

Have a great week

Mrs Menopause

Ugh…how to recover from that post Bank Holiday Feeling

So today I’m not feeling that great 🙂

meh, 3D rendering, a red shiny sticker

I didn’t want to write this blog/email/talk to anyone…

I’m feeling a little like Eeyore…

The reason I am writing to you is I KNOW you feel like this too sometimes too.

My last blog/email was all positive and skippy……I knew it would pass lol..

because that’s the way life rolls sometimes right?

and that’s ok because I know ‘this too shall pass’

I also know WHY I’m feeling a little ‘Meh

It’s because I’ve been eating too much crap and drinking too much caffeine!

I don’t want it to be that but i know it is….damn it!


I had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend camping. The weather was SUNNY 🙂

I took my brown rice and brocolli, seriously I did!

I had it on the first day then it was game over after the first camp BBQ!

You see I know how food affects my mood….but sometimes I still eat crap to test out my theory 😉

So this weekend my body saw more caffeiene, sugar and gluten than it’s seen for a while.

and it’s not happy! It’s far from happy! I think it’s actually disowned me.

Can your own body ignore you lol?

Poor sleep, bloated belly, low mood and general CBA (can’t be arsed).


Now the ‘old me’ would’ve beaten myself up, told myself I was rubbish, useless etc etc.

All that would do was make me want to eat more crappy foods and so on and on…

So today I said STOP….what is the one thing I can do to get back to feeling all zingy again?

Is it deny myself of sugar, caffeine and processed foods? Go cold turkey?  make a solmon vow NEVER to eat a biscuit again?

NOPE….hell to the no!

I will just eat a shit load more veggies (that’s nutrition techy speak) and drink lots of water/herbal teas today.

I will bombard my body with the good stuff so I crowd out the temptation of processed food.

In my experience ‘detoxing’ isn’t the way for me. I need a much more nurturing, huggy kind of way 🙂

If I do anything too extreme I can guarantee that I swing back extremely the other way. Like a pendulum.

I’m done with beating myself up and punishing myself for being human.


So if you feel a little meh like me today….don’t worry it will pass.

If you feel a little off course after the long weekend…….IT’S OK 🙂

Be kind to yourself and eat something delicious and nutritious.


Brocolli Love and happy hormones

Tanith x

ps I’m running my 21 Day Hormone Reboot in a few weeks time. 

Click on the link above to find out more and grab the ‘early bird’ price thingy.